27 May 2019

Memorial Day 2019

We don't know them all,
But we owe them all.
    -- Unknown

Wishing you and yours a lovely Memorial Day holiday, and hoping that we all take a minute to thank those who can only celebrate in eternity.  God bless every single one of them.


Pointy Little Sticks said...

Beautiful sentiment.

Safe travels on your way back to Philadelphia.

Kim in Oregon said...

Woke up thinking about our great military families today and appreciate this post.

Araignee said...

With Daddio having 9 brothers that served in WW2 I find it amazing that all of them came back alive. Same with SIL who did 2 tours of Iraq. Blessed is almost not a strong enough word.

Jill said...


Lilly's Mom said...

Thank you for sharing a very touching post.