19 June 2020

Here is a Friday FO!

Hi all - today I have a very happy FO to share with you.

My Down the Shore Shawl is finished - and it's a big one!

Project:  Down the Shore Shawl
Pattern:  Beachcomber, by Chelsea Berkompas
Yarn:  I used the yarn suggested in the pattern, but changed colorways with the blue shade.  All are Knit Picks CotLin, and the colorways are:  Linen (beige), Conch (coral), and Marina (blue).
Needles:  US size 8
Modifications:  As previously mentioned, I changed the shade of blue to Marina (more of a turquoise, a color I love) instead of Surf, which is a lovely blue, but lighter in shade.  I wanted the color to pop more, to make it seem more summery.

(folded in half)

Notes:  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shawl and this pattern!  It is also going to be the perfect thing for cool summer evenings (if there are any), and/or when the A/C is just making it way too cool as is the case in some places.

This is a fun and easy shawl to knit - mostly garter, but the stripes keep it interesting.  And the occasional lace panel needs you to concentrate, but only shows up three times, and is very straightforward (and I am a crummy lace knitter, so that means most lace knitters would think it was easy).  It goes quickly, because other than the lace, the pattern consists of only 2 pattern rows which are easily memorizable.  I had a lot of fun knitting this one!  It took me longer than it probably should have, for a couple of reasons:  a) there was a 10-day period when I didn't knit on any of my projects, because I just wasn't feeling it, and b) the CotLin could be hard on my hands when I would knit for too long, so at times I needed to take a day off to rest.

Of course, you could knit this in another yarn, but when I saw it, I decided that yes, I wanted a shawl for the summer, and CotLin is very reasonably priced, so it was a no-brainer.

Also, it fulfilled my desire to try and learn new things, as it has a picot bind off, which was a new thing for me.  It took me a few times to get started properly, but once it all clicked in my brain, I really liked it!

When we went out into the garden to take most of these photos, Hamlet had to be sure to remind anyone reading this that he was there as well.  😊

This is a project that just "hit" me when I saw the pattern (and I don't really remember where/how/why I came across it), and I'm glad I just let myself go with the flow and even actually buy some yarn!  It was worth every penny in the end, in that it was pretty inexpensive to knit, and the end result is just how I wanted it to be.


Tomorrow is of course the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere, and I came across a poem the other day that I decided to post on my other blog.  I don't write there as often as here, though I am planning to change that, but in any case I shared the poem there yesterday, because I feel that it is something worth reading, given people's concerns about body types, and particularly wearing a swimsuit.  So I hope if you read it, I hope it gives you something to consider.

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you are someplace where summer is starting, I hope you find a way to keep cool!


Vera said...

Beautiful!! Gorgeous finish Bridget. Love the colors and the pattern.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It's beautiful. Well done!
Love the picture with Hamlet.

Pointy Little Sticks said...

So pretty and it coordinates with Hamlet VERY well.

Happy Summer Solstice!

Nance said...

Wow! That shawl is a triumph. Perfect colours (just like a sunset on a lake), gorgeous stitches, and I think a terrific size--so generous and cuddly. I love it. You did a great job and it's obvious that you're happy with it and proud of your work.

Nice of Hamlet to make a cameo.

Kim in Oregon said...

I really love those colors together!

KSD said...

Each photo grander than the one before!

sprite said...

Well done! I love the cheery colors and how nice it looks on you!

Kym said...

What a PERFECT summer shawl! It looks so beach-y and sunshine-y. Nicely done, Bridget! You wear it well. (And Hamlet! How could we forget that you're there, too! Such a sweet pup.) XO

Shirley said...

Your shawl is just beautiful and those are happy colors! Love Hamlet's participation in the photo session. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Araignee said...

It is GLORIOUS!!! It's not often you get a FO at just the right time but you nailed it. Well done YOU!!!!

Caffeine Girl said...

That shawl is just spectacular! The turquoise works perfectly.
I've been wondering how Cotlin is to knit with. I bought some to make a sweater with, but I am worried about my hands

Alison said...

I wish I could rock short hair like you do!

Lorette said...

That is just gorgeous! Perfect colors!

Mereknits said...

Hi Hamlet! You are so adorable and that shawl is gorgeous. Great job Bridget. Stay safe.

kathy b said...

Your shawl and color choices are so perfect . What a beautiful knit. I love that you wanted to learn a new skill. Really, the shawl is like a goldfish swimming in clear blue waters. I love it

karen said...

Gorgeous shawl and a very gorgeous YOU!! Love the colors and your happiness, great photos!

steph said...

The shawl turned out GREAT!!! More power to you for sticking it out with the cotton/linen. I find that just tears my hands to bits....so unforgiving. BUt you couldn't have found a better choice for the summer shawl. And Hamlet....Shira said 'hi'!!!