26 July 2021

Two Winners, But Only One Is For Week 3

Hello and I hope your weekend was a good one!  Mine was frustrating, but OK.  You may have heard that Google sent out an update for Chromebooks with a typo in it, causing users to not be able to log in.  They sent out a fix, but as of right now, my laptop has not been updated, and I need to use my laptop for work, so I will have to use the nuclear option, and wipe it clean and start all over, losing some stuff again.  I'm upset, but since I lost SO MUCH MORE when my previous laptop died, I'm kind of just numb about it now.

But overall the weekend was fine, and there's more about the best part at the end of the post.

Now to the reason most of you are here, the announcement of Week 3's winner.  Roll the drums, because the winner is:

EllenD !!!!!!

This was her response to the question about reading words, thinking they were pronounced one way, and then hearing/learning the actual pronounciation.

We had to take turns reading aloud (and I hated doing it).  I pronounced the word "pigeon""pie-gee-n" and the whole class burst out laughing.  I was so embarrassed!

Ellen, CONGRATULATIONS on being the winner this week!  When you get a chance, please send your complete name and mailing address in an e-mail to thekittyknitterATverizon.net (I promise that's  correct!).

I had so much fun finding out that all of you also had experiences similar to mine - isn't it funny how words - often even simple ones - can throw you off a cliff?  Thanks for participating. 😊

So I mentioned last week that I was headed out on Sunday to a baseball game with my friend Lisa.  Well, that was yesterday, and boy did we have fun!  It was absolutely wonderful to get to see and hug her in person bed catch up!  Plus it was amazing to get to see this in person again after so long:

The usher in our section was kind enough to take our picture:

The Tim: WHY does your hair look weird?
Me: Because I was super sweaty and had just taken off my hat.
The Tim: Well it looks really weird.
Me: Go away.

Aaron Nola pitched, and wow was he on point!  I the 9th inning, the Phillies were ahead 2-1, we needed only one more out to win, and a Braves hitter got a home run - at which time the manager TOOK HIM OUT OF THE GAME, much to the extreme dismay of those of us in the stands (of course, EPIC booing ensued).  But fortunately as soon as the next guy was pitching, he struck him out and we won the game!!!

I was exhausted by the time I got home,  but in the best way.  It was a wonderful day, an impressive game, and a win on top of it was the perfect way to end the weekend.

Let's hope this week will try to be as agreeable. 

***Apologies for any weird formatting or other wonkiness in this post.  I'm not that good with all of it on my tablet,  and have only so much patience at any given time to figure things out.


Nance said...

Posting from a tablet is the worst. You did a great job.

How nice that you got to take in a ballgame with a buddy. AND got the win. Good game all around!

Ellen D. said...

Thank you so much! I will email you right away. Such a treat! Thanks again!!

Kim in Oregon said...

So sorry about your chromebook. I love computers and hate them too.

Araignee said...

I'm still not speaking to Chrome after what they did to my ability to print.
It's been ages since I've been to a baseball game but I remember I had a lot of fun. Things that are boring on TV are so different in person.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I think thats a great picture of you!

steph said...

missing baseball in person!!!! we didn't get to a game this year (St, Louis is our closest stadium)
....and now our main reason for going to high school games just had TOMMY JOHN SURGERY!!! of all things for a 17 year old. (He is just too tall and skinny to throw as hard as he does!!!!) He's going to graduate HS early...head off to Univ of L a semester early and do his major rehab there...so it still looks as if our baseball is going to be of the 'travel' variety.

Great photo...and looks like a really super time!

Ellen D. said...

Just checking that you got my mail address that I sent to your email... I did get a bit confused by your email address at first entering "AT" instead of "@". Hope I got it right!

Kym said...

It's a wonderful and most perfect photo of you and your pal! What a great souvenir of a fun time together -- even more precious after all the time apart. :-) I'm so glad you had such a great afternoon at the ballpark.