12 July 2021

Week 1 Winner and Wow Did I Enjoy That!

Hello all, here's hoping that things are OK where you are.  Though between weather, the Covid variant, and everything else that seems to be going on in the world, I know that can seem like somewhat of a tall order.  

However, we do have something fun to talk about, and that is we have our first winner for the 2021 version of Christmas in July!  I have to tell all of you, I have seldom enjoyed reading comments as much as I did for this - I truly love this kind of thing, as I am fascinated by people's life progressions.  There were SO many fun surprises to read about, and did you happen to notice that one of the people who commented currently lives in Wheeling, West Virginia - hometown of MOI???  I have a thousand questions which I will of course not ask, because they are none of my business, but I so want to know where she lives there, does she know anyone I know, does she want to be best friends, where does she work, etc.?  I've decided to just answer those questions in my own brain the way I want to answer them, that way she retains some privacy and I continue in my fantasy.  😊

In any case, yesterday I called up the ever-reliable random number generator, and it chose the comment from:


Here is her response to the question: Where were you born?

I was born in the Ripon, Wisconsin hospital.  We live about an hour and a half south of there now.  Left the state for 13 years and then returned.

Please give a round of applause for both Karen51 and Ripon, Wisconsin!  I have never been to Ripon, but I have been to a few different places in Wisconsin (which were lovely), and I have heard of Ripon College.  

Congratulations, Karen51!! Please send me your complete name and mailing address via e-mail - my address is: thekittyknitterATverizonDOTnet.  In the subject line please say something like "Address for prize package" so that I don't think it's spam.  I will let you know when your package is on the way.  

I love that so many people lived near to, or in the same place where they were born; and it was so fun to read about other people's journeys from points A to B in a roundabout way.  Thanks SO much to everyone who was willing to participate - and remember, this makes you already eligible for the big prize at the end of all of this!


In other news that is good, I am on vacation this week - YAY!  No, I'm not going anywhere other than my own house and the coolest room in it, since we are in the high 90s with my unloved humidity added to the mix for the whole week.  But that is fine because I don't even have to think about work or anyone there.  And other than a dr appt in an hour or so this a.m., my time is my own.  The big question is, will I accomplish even one of the approximately 4000 things I have on my list of what I would like to do?  Stay tuned ...

OK, I'd better get myself in gear to get dressed, etc. to go to the aforementioned dr appt.  Thanks again to all who played along, and don't forget to check again on Wednesday to see what the next thing will be!

Take care, everyone, and have the best week you can.


Martha said...

Fun! Enjoy your staycation! :)

KSD said...

I often think, too, about how near or far people are to their birthplace. It's odd that someone has lived their entire life within a one mile radius, and odd that someone is thousands of miles away.

kathy b said...

Hooray for the gift,, the giver and the winner

Pointy Little Sticks said...

Congrats to Karen51!

Most people that I meet in our area have lived here all their lives. That amazes me.

In Orlando hardly anyone was BORN there. They almost all "come from away".

Although we had great years in Florida, I always knew I wanted to "come home".

Kym said...

Enjoy your week off, Bridget!