19 July 2021

Week 2 - We Have Another Winner!

PLEASE NOTE: I mis-typed my e-mail address in the original version of this post, and I apologize.  It has been corrected below.

(How sad is it when you can't get your very own e-mail address correct??)


Hello on a Monday, and as promised we have a winner for Week 2 of our giveaways for Christmas in July!  There weren't as many entries for the actual prize this week as there had been for last week, but I think some people either just don't do counted cross-stitch, or have tried it and don't care for it.  Which I get - I know very few people who love doing all of the craft things they have tried.

Anyway, Ye Olde Randome Numbber Generatore was consulted, and without any bias, it told me that the winner for Week 2 is:

Kim in Oregon!!!

This was her answer to the question: What is your favorite TV show ever?

"I think I'll have to say either 'The West Wing' or 'Sports Night.'  They're sort of related."

In my opinion, these are excellent choices!  I also really liked both of these shows, and as a matter of fact, we are currently on Season 4 of our re-watch of "The West Wing."  And I also get what she means about them being somewhat related.

So please join me in a round of applause to congratulate Kim!  Please send your name and mailing address to me at thekittyknitterATverizonDOTnet, and I'll let you know when the package is on the way.

Thanks to all who participated, you'll have another shot at things in a couple of days.  😊

NOTE to Karen51:  I never received your e-mail, either in my regular mail or in the spam/junk mailbox.  Please try sending it again to the address above, as my e-mail has been known to have weirdnesses, and it's worth another try.

I really enjoyed reading about the shows people like(d).  I'm also pleased because all of them were things I knew about, so I didn't feel like I'd missed out on something good that everyone else knew about.  God forbid, I miss a good TV show,  you know ...


Vacation is over as of today.  At least I don't actually have to go into the building for work until tomorrow, that helps some.  But I am grateful first of all that I had vacation time that I could take, and second of all, that I enjoyed every minute of it so much!  Now to look forward to the next day off/vacation time.  

We had a nice weekend, not a lot of activity, but it was very enjoyable to just spend some quiet time together.  Yesterday was a day when I should have just not even tried at all to knit, though.  Have you ever picked up your knitting, and for whatever reason, it's like you have either never knit at all, or you have completely forgotten how it works?  That was me yesterday.  Anything in progress I tried to work on, I ended up ripping out.  And then I attempted to start a pair of socks, and that was just 100% a disaster.  So late in the afternoon, I just decided to put everything away, out of immediate sight, and read for a while instead.  Hopefully when I pick anything up next time, I'll remember how to use knitting needles!

So that's the news from here.  I hope all of you enjoyed a good weekend, and that we all have a week that treats us well, or at least kindly.  Take care.


Kym said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your vacation time . . . and I'm sending you good juju for a not-terrible "re-entry" into office life. (And, yeah. Sometimes my brain does a complete short-circuit when it comes to the knitting. . . )

Karen51 said...

Bridget, I saw your message and sent my address to your dot net email. There is some confusion though. Your email address is listed as dot com in one place and dot net on another. I hope this time you receive it. You are so thoughtful and generous in having this Christmas in Juky giveaway. Karen

Nance said...

I'm glad to hear it's not just me about Knitting Dumbs. I used to worry terribly about my brain when I'd pick up a project and look at it and have almost zero idea of what to do, having it not feel familiar, etc. My mother has Alzheimer's, and I'd think, "Oh no, here I go. It's already coming for me."

Here's hoping that your re-entry to work isn't horrid, and that your day simply flows along easily and bump-free.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Congrat to Kim!

Sometimes you just gotta walk away and come back another day!

Araignee said...

Congrats to the winner!
I have many, many days like that. Right at this very minute I've got to go rip out the tops of some mittens I just finished. You'd think I would have tried them on before now but nooooo....

Kim in Oregon said...

Oh hooray for me!!! I was so excited to see this today and I'm sending you my info now! Thank you so so much!!

kim in oregon !!!

Pointy Little Sticks said...

Congrats to Kim.

I think we've ALL had those knitty-brain-fart moments.

kathy b said...

Hooray for a good vacation Yes the days I so want to knit are usually the ones when I simply end up frogging things. Last night I tried some more fair isle in the scarf I am knitting and ended up taking it all ouT