23 December 2007

Some favorites

Well, here we are - tomorrow is Christmas Eve !! And as promised ('cause I'm sure you lost sleep last night), here are some of our decorations. This little tree is on the wall right next to the coat closet when you come in our front door. The decorations belonged to a little live tree that someone sent us one year.

When you turn the corner to head into the living room, these shelves are to your right. I could only get the first three top ones in this shot:

And here's the bottom shelf. The only things missing are some of the Misfits (from the Rankin-Bass production of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." A few years back, CVS sold small plush versions. Would it surprise you to know that I have them all??) Anyway, they usually get distributed throughout the house

This is a ceramic Christmas tree that my nephew and his wife in Arizona sent us last year. Liesl always sends us something that is made by their four kids, or involved them otherwise.

The top of the tree is an imprint of the oldest girl, Anya's hands. Then as you go down, you have Jude's hands, Lola's hands, and finally Naomi's hands. I think it is fantastic, and it looks pretty hanging above the fireplace in our bedroom.

You may remember this Rudolph and Santa from a blog post last year. The Santa is one that I made about 15 years ago (back when my sewing machine actually worked), as a present for our cat Hannah's first Christmas with us. The Rudolph is even older, as we got him when we lived in suburban DC (before we moved into the District). We had bought batteries, and there was a mail-in offer for a plush Rudolph toy whose nose lit up. The funny thing is, we've never changed the battery (I'm not even sure you can), and every year, his nose still lights up! (It's a Duracell battery, btw. Not even the kind the pink bunny promotes!)

Speaking of Santa and Rudolph, here they are again, as a cookie jar. We don't put cookies in here, but use it as a decoration on one of the tables in our living room. Neither of them seem to mind. :-)
That's it for today. The Tim just got home from work, and it's time to take some cough syrup, so I will leave you to enjoy the rest of your day, your decorations, your family, and whatever else makes it a happy time for you.


teabird said...

Thank you for the tour! I hope you're supplementing the cough syrup with lots of tea and rest -

happy happy healthy Christmas to you!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Very nice, warm, and Christmasy. Thank you for the pictures. I love your Santa - very cute. I think he should be in bed with you to keep you cheered up in your weakened condition. You can also have your dinner on a tray decorated with some of the misfit ornaments. Which reminds me, I once worked at a place where everyone seemed like they belonged on the island of misfits...... the worrisome part was that I fit right in.

Anonymous said...

So pretty! It helps to have decorations throughout the house, don't you think?

Tell The Tim to wait on you hand and foot. It's his fault you're in this predicament, you know. . .

Wendy said...

What? Not one knitted ornament?

The house looks very snuggly! Hope you have a great holiday!