24 May 2008

Three Day Weekend, Hooray!

In honor of the three-day weekend here in the U.S. for Memorial Day, I bring you the following.

Three things I love:

1. Not going to work.
2. Not going to work.
3. Not going to work.

Three things I plan to do :

1. Knit.
2. Read.
3. Be outside.

Three foods I plan to eat:

1. Frozen custard.
2. Potato salad.
3. Grilled asparagus.

Three cats I will cuddle with:

1. Tess.
2. Garden Kitty.
3. Jetsam.

Three places I will spend some time:

1. The garden.
2. The river trail.
3. The shore.

Three things I must do, but do not consider "chores":

1. Bake something.
2. Take my bike to have the pedal fixed.
3. Brush the cats.

Three things that fit in no other categories:

1. I really cannot stand Julia Roberts or Oprah.
2. I love it when dogs are out walking and they have the leash in their mouth.
3. Why can't people walking towards you share the sidewalk?

Three words for now:

1. See.
2. You.
3. Later.


Mistrmi said...

1. Very
2. Nicely
3. Done

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

1. The
2. Perfect
3. Weekend.

teabird said...

1. count
2 me
3. in

Carol said...

1. I'm
2. With
3. You

Anonymous said...


And why can't they share the sidewalk? That's starting to really grate on my nerves.

Enjoy your weekend!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Julia Roberts really gets up my nose- she can't act her way out of a wet paper bag.

So happy you have a day off!

Kathleen Dames said...

Mmm, frozen custard...

Brigitte said...

Ooo, could not agree more with you on the Julia Roberts/Oprah thing...

I hope you were able to enjoy the long weekend, especially the cuddling with the cats thing.