29 December 2008

End of the year alphabet

I took some pictures of a few gifts I received that I want to post, but haven't gotten them into the computer yet, so today I'm doing a little bit of housekeeping.

My final entries for the ABC-Along 2008; if you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you can probably guess one or both of them, but in any event ...

is for

Even before I learned how to knit, yarn fascinated me. It all felt different, and there were so many colors! Take into consideration that this was long before it even occurred to me that there were actually places called Yarn Shops (!), and so most of what I was exposed to was yarn sold at places like K Mart, or Lee Wards (remember that? There was one in one of the next suburbs over from our apartment when we lived in Chicago).

Little did I know that there was a whole other world o' yarn out there!

And for the very last letter, you may have been able to predict that ...

is for

Here is my great-nephew, Zach, who will be three years old in February. Fortunately, I get to see him more often than my other great-nieces and nephew, who live in Arizona. Zach and his family are in Maryland, so there are more opportunities for visits back and forth. The picture above is him proudly showing off his new "tattoos" from one of the books of tattoos that he got when we all headed to Karen and Seb's a few weeks ago to help them decorate their tree. He was convinced that since he had the tattoos, he had to move his entire body from side to side to show us - he couldn't just turn his head! After we were all amused over that for a few minutes, we showed him that in fact he could move just his head, and nothing would happen to the tattoos ...

You want to know another great thing about Zach? He is a true devotee and lover of all things Rudolph! Need I say more about him being a great kid??

I've enjoyed the ABC-Along, even though I was behind on occasion. But it was fun to think of what image to use for what letter, and though I'm sure I could have been more creative, I signed up mainly to see if I would stick with it, and I did.

Therefore, I think it only appropriate that I celebrate with a glass of wine!

Feel free to join me, if you are so inclined. :-)


Lynn said...

I remember Lee Wards!!! There was one not far from where I worked when I lived in NY. It's also the place where I got the yarn for the sweater I started before I moved away. It was years before I picked it up again and unfortunately it's too small. Maybe one day my dd will wear it....

Tracy said...

Hi, Briget! So glad to catch up with you at last and see your having a wonderful holiday. We're just back from our Christmas trip to the US and getting over the jet lag and settling in...ringing in 2009 will be quiet here-LOL! Wishing you & yours love & joy in the New Year! ((HUGS))

Lisa said...

You know, Zach is beyond cute but that multi-colored skein in the upper right corner--delicious. I want that, if only to pet it. It looks like it would purr.