19 February 2009

I Dodged a Bullet This Time

Last week on Wednesday evening, I walked up to the Knitting Circle at Rosie's. It was the first time I'd gone for a loooonnng time, and I really enjoyed it. I'd been looking forward to going again last night, but around 4:00 in the afternoon, I suddenly had a really serious attack of the chills. I spent most of the evening wrapped in a blanket, with two pairs of heavy socks, and approximately 98 cups of tea to try and warm up. It was disappointing to miss Knitting Circle, but I also dreaded today, when I feared I would wake up feeling sick. Which is bad enough any time, but we are getting house guests for the weekend tomorrow, and feeling sick when you have company just makes it all worse.

This morning I woke up, and guess what? I felt just fine. Well enough to go to the gym even! I was very relieved, because it means I can get the cleaning I would like to do finished in a manner that I consider to be reasonable. Like so many other things, I have a specific way I like to clean the house, especially when company is imminent. Granted, it's different if this is a repeat visit - only first-time visitors see the house CLEAN. After that, you see it clean.

As a result of not feeling well, and getting ready for guests, I haven't done as much knitting as I would like. I worked some more on the Dotty vest for The Tim, where I am nearly finished creating the armhole steeks. (Yeah, once it was explained to me for the tenth time, and I started working on it, the whole thing made sense. Imagine.) I'm also making a scarf for a little girl as part of a service project for a group I belong to on Ravelry. Which will be a good project for down time while our guests are here and we are just hanging out.

In my blanket-covered state last night, I did manage to finish the book I have been reading, Julie & Julia : My Year of Cooking Dangerously, which I enjoyed for the most part. I shall provide further insightful commentary in my February Book Report.

In other news ...

The Tim took the picture below a couple of weeks ago. I waited to post it until now, to see if a) pigs were flying around, b) hell had frozen over, or c) Armageddon was nigh. Since we're all still here, I guess things are OK, at least for the present.

Trust me, this is not a common occurrence. And the whole thing could have ended more successfully (meaning without incident), if Jetsam would have just kept his right front paw to himself. But no, he *had* to keep poking it closer to Tess' face, thereby waking her up, at which point things deteriorated immediately.

The balance of power has since been restored. Let us rejoice and be glad.


Chris said...

Oh, glad you didn't get sick - that sure sounded ominous!

Jenn said...

That is weird, on Sunday night I felt absolutely awful, stomach was terrible, freezing cold, headache...and then it was gone. Not that I really WANTED to be sick.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- That was close.

I have certain ways that cleaning needs to be done, and very few people live up to my expectations.

I read the biography of Julia Child and she was a fascinating woman.

Wendy said...

I missed knitting circle too - had to go to the prison for lineups! I think I would prefer to have been sick and finishing up Julia and Julia.

Hope you are feeling fine now!


Marie said...

Your cat picture reminds me of our late Fido and his nemesis Lila. Lila really disliked Fido and would hiss at him with very little provocation. Fido usually gave her a wide berth. Now she has no one to hiss at.

I'm glad your illness was so short-lived. Being sick is just miserable.

Quilting Mama said...

But he was just making sure his sis was okay and didn't need him...
Being such a generous soul in the land of kitty jihad is tough.

Good to hear you'll be able to enjoy your weekend company.

Carrie K said...

Close call! Glad you're all better today. I love the stages of clean.

And so *that's* what was happening to the balance in the universe yesterday! I was wondering what had tipped the axis slightly. ;0

My capcha word is volkha. I think you should drink some to make sure you stave off that incipient cold.

KSD said...

No, No, No --- You are NOT well! Waking up and wanting to go to the gym? Definitely a sign of delirium. Don't kid yourself ---lie down RIGHT NOW!!!

Brigitte said...

Phew, that was close! You probably nipped it in the bud!

And as for Jetsam getting to close to The Tess? Not the brightest thing to do, but you must admire his courage.