10 February 2009

What the L??

Chartroose posted this on her blog, and it was fun to read her answers, so I asked for a letter, and was given an L.

The rules are simple: choose 10 favorite things beginning with a single letter of the alphabet and explain why you like them. The only catch is that the letter is assigned to you by the person who wrote the post you’ve just read.

Oddly, last night I woke up in the middle of the night, with some real killer answers. But of course I didn't get up and write them down, and most of them were long gone by this morning. So here are L things I love, not necessarily in any particular order, or in a comprehensive list:

1. Lemons and limes - I put them together, because in so many ways they are interchangeable for me. I love either in hot or iced tea, lemon tea bread is one of my favorite things to make, Key lime cookies are another. I could go on, but I'm starting to get hungry ...

2. Lace - I am quite possibly the least-lace-wearing person around, but I love the look of lace, and find knitting it to be fascinating (and extremely difficult). I would love to learn how to tat, though I suspect I would not be all that good at it.

3. Liquor - Now don't go getting all preachy on me (April, I'm lookin' at you), I love various kinds of liquor, but after drinking even small amounts, I get incredibly sleepy. Therefore I am unlikely to ever become an alcoholic. Plus, as a child, I was introduced to many of my mother's "medicinal" cures involving liquor, and most of them still work better than mainstream medicine!

4. Laughter - As far as I'm concerned, life is not worth living if you can't laugh at things, and at yourself. Torture to me is being forced to spend time with someone with absolutely no sense of humor. And if someone has a weird sense of humor, I generally like them even more!

5. Left-handedness - And why not?

6. Letters - both those in the alphabet, and those written and received. I love words, so I also love to write letters and receive them. But I am also fascinated by handwriting, calligraphy, and the look of the letters themselves.

7. Literature - I love to read. A variety of different types of things appeal to me, but I consider them all to be "literature."

8. Lantanas - Especially the multicolor ones. I don't have much luck keeping them alive, though.

9. Lists - Oh lists, how I love thee! I love to make lists, check things off lists, and read through lists.

10. Lisa - Because she can always make me laugh, she loves to talk about and try different foods and recipes like I do, and just because she is who she is. I hoped when she had kids she wouldn't suddenly become A Mom, but if anything, she has become even funnier. And I suspect that her little boys will become as funny in their own ways as she is in hers, 'cause they are already on that path. (Poor Jerry!)

If you want to play along, feel free to ask for a letter of your very own - and you may want to think about writing things down if you have a middle-of-the-night-inspiration-attack ...


Mistrmi said...

How, oh, how, I covet your leftyness.

Just asked this of Melanie, dare I ask that you also present me with a letter?

Danette said...

Hello Bridget~
O.K.~ I must know about this lemon tea bread {is there a recipe you are willing to share for that?} and what are lantanas? I have no idea. And whoever Lisa is, she sounds wonderful. I'm glad you have her.
I played the letter game {although I forgot to let people know they could play by asking me to assign them one ~ Oops!}.
But, I couldn't keep it to 10 items, so I was naughty and listed 20.

Brigitte said...

Ugh, couldn't agree with you more! People who can't laugh, and have no sense of humour? Stinky.

Lisa said...

I want to play!

Lisa said...

Fuzzywarms right back at you, Auntie B. You truly bring the happy.

Quilting Mama said...

I'm game. My letter best not be a lousy one.

Lists are a fav for me too.

teabird said...

Lemon tea bread - oh, heaven! The best!
I have a friend in my knitting group who tats, and she's offered to teach me.....

Anonymous said...

Half my family is left handed. The rest of us are right. :)

Nice list! Chartroose gave me T which I'm still working on.

Lynn said...

I do the same thing! Have great ideas in the middle of the night but will forget most of them by morning. But you still came up with a great list. As far as lantana, its wild here and you cant kill it no matter how much you try!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I did a meme with the letter L- I'll tag you for "B"-