22 January 2011

Dripping in Jewels

... so to speak.

I am happy to show you my first FO of 2011, the "Jeweled" Linnaeus Beret.

Behold!  First up, a crappy photo taken by me:

and here are two better photos taken by Andrea, who is a much better photographer than I am (and who was also taking the photos outside):

Here are some details in the event you want to make one for your very own self.

PatternLinaeus Beret (I made the larger size)
Yarn:  Llama Luxury (brown) the 378 colorway; Road to China Light, the Ruby colorway; Road to China Light, the Garnet colorway.
Needles:  US 4 and US 6
Comments:  This was a fun pattern to knit!  One thing to note in the pattern (which should be corrected soon) is that after you complete the brim, the next set of instructions tell you to do a series of stitches 3 times - you should complete them 4 times.  Otherwise, it was smooth sailing.  If I would knit this again, I would cast on fewer stitches - though not by much - because I like my hats to "grab" my head a little bit more than this one does.  But it is cozy and comfortable, and I'm really pleased with it.

I finished it just in time too, since it is in the single digits here, temperature-wise!  Good knitting weather, though.  And I'm not complaining, 'cause I love winter. 

Yeah, I'm a freak.  I can live with that.


Jenn said...

Beautiful and it looks great on you! I keep seeing lovely berets and tams and I tried one on and it made me look like a pastry chef, or perhaps one of the mushrooms from Super Mario Brothers.

SissySees said...

Beautiful hat and it suits you so well. I too like my hats to "hold on" a bit... but not too much!

mary said...

Oh that is so nice! Love the yarn and the pattern.

You have had lots of snow and cold! I'd say "Welcome to my world" but it isn't a very warm welcome :( I amn so over this winter already.

Kitty said...

Good God- that's one amazing first FO of 2011! It's truly beautiful!

Maureen said...

Very very pretty!

Quilting Mama said...

Beautiful and wonderful color selections. Hope it keeps you warm and cozy through the current cold spell.
We are already in the single digits and have been for several nights. I'm enjoying it too with all my sweaters, scarves, and hats.

Kim said...

I love --- no, LOVE --- winter, too. So many people are griping about it this year. Hey! Buy an extra coat, geez.

The beret is stunning. In small part because I like the word "Linaeus."

Marie said...

I love the hat! I haven't tried making a hat yet, but I'll get around to it eventually.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Freaks unite- I love winter too.

That is amazing, and it looks so good on you.

Brigitte said...

Everytime I hear about crappy temps and a dumping of snow in the US Northeast, I think of you. It's been insane this year so far, but, I'm like you. I LOVE this! OK, sure I work from home, but still!

I love your beret! And great colours too.

Ally Jay said...

The hat looks great.

Kathleen Dames said...

So pretty! I am definitely getting more into colorwork. Congrats on your first 2011 FO!

Carrie#K said...

I love winter too and rain, especially.

The hat is really cute! The colors do show up better in natural light.

Lorette said...

That's gorgeous! Perfect color choices for you also. I'll add a "nay" vote on winter. I'm OK with it rainy and in the 40's, but you can have the freezing temps and the snow.