27 January 2011

Snow Day!!!

We got quite a snowfall overnight - so much so that they actually closed work today!  Fine with me, anytime they want me to stay home - and still get paid - I'm ready to cooperate.   Also, after being miserable during the horrible summer last year, I'm enjoying a real winter.  I am sorry for anyone who is having real troubles or is in any kind of danger because of it, but otherwise, snow is always fine with me.  (Unless it's one of those wimpy "dustings" of snow.  Why bother?)

In any event, I've decided that this would be the perfect day to introduce you to one of my very bestest, lifelong friends in the entire universe. Please meet Cream Puff:

or, as he is sometimes known,  "Creamy."  I showed you his picture in one of my Christmas posts.  Cream Puff has been around more or less as long as I can remember.  The story goes that one day right before Christmas, my parents were at the grocery store (the Grand Union, in or around Teaneck, New Jersey), and as they were leaving, they saw this stuffed animal.  I'm guessing it was probably my father who said something like, well we might as well get that for Bridget, you know she would like it.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

Here we are the day we first met, Christmas Day, 1959:

That's him on top of the doll carriage (which is actually kind of funny, because yes, I got a doll carriage, but I didn't have very many dolls, and was not that interested in them.  I mainly used said doll carriage to ride around Cream Puff, other stuffed animals, and the cat when I could convince her - which was not very often).  In this picture,* he is much lighter in color, and much plusher, to say the least.  It was love at first sight, since I had wanted a dog (we had a cat, Frosty, and a blue parakeet, Bing, already), and pretty much knew it wasn't gonna happen.  Since this day, Cream Puff has always been with me.  He listened and comforted me while I was growing up, every time we moved and I had to start a new school; every time the other kids would hurt my feelings (which was a lot, since I was sensitive and a loner); when my sisters would "be mean" to me; and, numerous other traumas, real and imagined.  All you have to do is hug him and you feel better.

He was the only one of my toys who used to call my parents by their first names, and they didn't mind.  He has always hung out in the bedroom when we are not spending time together.  But this year, I wanted to make a point to put him under the Christmas tree to enjoy the holidays, 'cause I thought it was his 50th birthday ... until I looked on the back of the photo above, it said "January 1960," which of course means that last Christmas was his 50th birthday ... sigh.  But in true Creamy fashion, he was completely understanding about the whole thing, and took it in stride.  (I was also convinced that he had originally sported a light blue ribbon, and was dismayed that I couldn't find one, and had to use a burgundy one.  Then was pleased when I saw that I had the right color family after all!)

Anyway, The Tim even took this picture of us on Christmas Day 2010 to mark the occasion:

We are both older, darker, and both of us are a little less "plush" shall we say.  But we are still together, and he has seen me through the trying times of my life as an adult as well - the death of my parents' (which he also felt bad about, having known them intimately), cancer, bad jobs, you name it - remaining, calm, cuddly, and most importantly there.  He is happy when I am, and a true friend when I am not.  His red felt tongue has been sewn back on about a million times, and his tail is held together at the end with a safety pin ... he has many bald spots as well. 

As far as I'm concerned, though, he looks just the same as he did on the very first day I saw him, and I think he is the best pup ever.

*Whenever my mother would see this picture, she would say, "Oh good God, your father must have dressed you that day!"  I'm guessing that it might have been the case, but that I was the one who chose this lovely ensemble, and he was happy to let me go with it.  Seems funny I didn't grow up to have a career in fashion, n'est-ce pas?


sprite said...

I have a teddy bear my great-grandmother made me when I was an infant. Until recently, I just couldn't sleep if he wasn't with me, which meant he's traveled all over the country. (In the last couple years, though, my horror at the idea of losing him while traveling means that he stays home with the cats while a small bunny now accompanies me when I stay elsewhere.)

Te'y Bear, photographs will attest, once was a lovely plush bear with a bow and googly eyes. But I lost the bow and chewed off the eyes (as a baby, not recently!), and his fur matted through years of hugs. So now he serves as my Homer, blind and battered, but the keeper of my story nonetheless.

Marie said...

What a wonderful story. Have you ever thought about writing a children's book about it? I think it could make quite a few little ones feel happy and comforted.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother made me a Paddington bear when I was young. Like Creamy, he's seen it all! The felt on his feet has been replaced, one of his arms has needed re-attachment, and his head sort of lists to one side.

If there's ever a fire in our house, he's coming with me!

Carrie#K said...

You both look quite dashing in both pictures. Aw. It's rare to have a friend that long. Lucky girl!

Quilting Mama said...

I have a teddy bear and bunny rabbit both of which made every move growing up and are now settling into our new home. To make cuddle bear feel less self conscience, my mom made him a sweater, pants, and hat set to hide the settled stuffing and loose joints.

I find your ensemble for Christmas morning. It shows your unique sense of self that we all appreciate today.

mary said...

Oh my goodness but you were cute! (Of course, you're still cute). Those red tights are definitely a fashion statement. And I love the 50s style Christmas tree. Do I remember these!

Cream Puff is a handsome fellow and obviously, a very good friend. I think you both have aged very well. How nice to have had Creamy through the years. Fun post!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

You and Puff are both looking great!!! I'm glad you've had such a loyal and true friend to see you through life's ups and down. Hip hip hooray for The Cream Puff ~ he's one in a million :)

Kim said...

I have a Snoopy who is my "Creamy." How could we have survived without them?

Carol said...

Can't decide which makes me happier: the photo from 1960 or knowing Cream Puff is still with you.

I had Teddy, a bear my aunt got me when I was born, all the way until my junior year of college, when a knuckleheaded roommate lent it to her friend to take to a Theta Delt party dressed as a baby. She lost Teddy. At Theta Delt. I still get a stomachache thinking about it. Damn you Minnie V!!!

But I do have Mookie now, and after 25 years, I have grown rather fond of him.

joanchicago said...

I LOVE the photo of you and Creamy from Christmas 2010. It's clear that he adores you. I mean, look at that expression and the way he snuggles up to you.

In my opinion, your outfit from Christmas 1959 has a lot of pizzaz. It's a very Tbetan color combination.

Your post--a great one, BTW--reminds me how relieved I was when my mother told me that when I grew up I wouldn't have to give away my stuffed animals just because I didn't play with them anymore. Thank you for all the sweet reminders.

Brigitte said...

Hi Cream Puff, nice to finally meet you! My sister flushed my childhood doll down the toilet. Or tried to.

Rockin' 1960 outfit there Bridget.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- He's had alot of love, and has been a great friend.

Lorette said...

Sweetpea says Hi! She's been with me for years, and looks a lot less plush as well. Too bad there's not a spa for stuffed plushies to get rejuvenated!