08 January 2011

Stop. Think.

I spent the better part of today in my own universe.  I got up and took some packages to the P.O. to mail them, came home and did some cleaning up, laundry, organizing, and yes, some lazing about.  The Tim came home from work, we had a nice lunch, and sat down to watch a movie.  It was snowy outside, and warm inside.  A perfect kind of Saturday.

Then I decided to check in with the world.  Only to learn that once again, someone with a gun and a grudge has decided that their way is the only right way, and that if you don't agree, you just don't deserve to be here. 

I am a person of extremely strong opinions.  I think lots of people who disagree with me are a) crazy, b) evil, c) stupid, d) all of the above.  And a lot of the time, I really wish they would disappear into the ether.  And I rail about them, and how they are a waste of humanity, and why do I have to share air with them, etc. 

I am 99 percent sure that there are others who feel this way.  An awful lot of them believe things that are 100% opposite to my beliefs. 

But somehow, we manage to coexist.  Maybe because as irritating as it is, we realize deep down inside that others live their lives according to their beliefs even if they aren't agreeable to us.  Because every day, all of us have to get up and go about our lives the best way that we can to make the kind of life we want for ourselves, our loved ones, our fellow humans.  Revenge, anger, and outright hate take a lot of energy.

Cowardice, however, takes none. 

So the next time you meet someone who is ready to show the rest of us the right way to do things, remember that cowards are never heroes.  They just happen to show up.

Heroes show up for good reasons.  Maybe it's to listen to their constituents, or to let their congressperson know what they think about the issues.  Maybe it's just to go to the grocery store on a Saturday. 

But it's always because they know that you have to put one foot in front of the other to actually move forward.


Lisa said...

So much hate is truly tragic. Whether it was politically motivated or because the color of her eyes was the last straw I agree: it's time people stopped thinking the world revolves around them.

Channon said...

I've been known to wail, "I hate people!" meaning the vast majority of the species, but that's as close as I get. Senseless... and while I hate the insanity plea... I get it, because I think that you have to be insane, at least in that moment, to take another life. (There are exceptions, of course, but...)

Kim said...

This. Is. Magnificent.

Lisa said...

I think we're all born with an "off" switch and it's our responsibility to use it. We're all crazy at times but we know to flip...off.

And I so hate people. ;)

teabird said...

Exactly so, and so well said.

Carrie#K said...

I have to believe that it's not motivated by politics, racism, sexism or the inability to deal with those that disagree with you. There's a point where were all capable of murder but I like to think the bar is higher than those.

And I have no faith in people to do the right thing- but I just can't believe they'd do so wrong unless they had more than a screw loose.

Quilting Mama said...

Once again Bridget - you put stupid actions in their place as just plain selfish and without real thought.

Marie said...


Lorraine said...

Bridget- I don't know what to think any more.

Read this: it will make you laugh-


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing this. You've said what I wish I had.

Carrie K said...

And apparently I neglected to add this at midnight - beautifully stated, Bridget.

mary said...

"A gun and a grudge" So true, so sad.