15 November 2013

Five Favorite [Links] for This Friday

This week, I wanted to do something a little bit different with my Friday favorites. As you may or may not remember, when Google Reader died, I signed  myself up with Bloglovin.  Because it was different, it was "hard" to use at first, but now I am quite happy with it.  However, much more than before, I tend to keep things that interest  me marked as "unread."  I realized the other day that the ones I had were ones I thought worth sharing, and decided to save them for today.

So here are some links that I thought you might enjoy, find useful to know, learn something new from reading.  Enjoy.

1. I know a lot of people have stopped sending holiday cards through the mail, due to postage rates, worries about wasting paper, or just because they no longer feel it's necessary.  I love sending and receiving paper cards, so I was happy to find out that you can send them to St. Jude Children's Hospital where they can be happily repurposed.  And since they use all cards, all year round, there's never a bad time to pass yours along!  Even a cynic like me approves of this idea.

2. The other day on her blog, Steph posted this.  Even a slowpoke knitter like myself can make some tiny hats, and if they do some good, even better!  So take a break from your big projects, and use a few minutes to knit a little hat to make others aware of this aspect of their world they have likely not considered.

3. What's On Your Bookshelf?  (for people like me, who love to snoop ...)

4. This is something every pet owner should read, if you are ever likely to take your pet with you in the car.  It was on our local news the other night, and it seems like something we should all know.

5. It's not the Elf on the Shelf ... but this made me laugh out loud, I have to say!

And on that note, have a lovely weekend!  I hope you have all found at least five things that you like, have been interesting, or have made you laugh this week.


steph said...

Thanks so much for sharing the mini-hat love!!!!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I did notice that Elf on the Shelf has been resurrected. I'm not really sure how I stand on that.

Nancy said...

Always fun to find new blogs and new ideas. My niece has an Elf on the Shelf for her children: they all have a lot of fun with him.

CJ said...

A great list. I like looking through other people's bookshelves as well!

kathy b said...

I love SPRAY vaseline for dry skin!
I laugh now at BIG BANG theory because my son watches it and I do too now.
your list was fun

SissySees said...

Fun list. Glad I clicked over as I was doing my - OMG, I have over 200 unread posts - thing on Bloglovin'. I definitely don't love it but don't like anything else I tried either. Hrmph.

elns said...

Recycled cards is an awesome thing to know. I love programs like that. Also thanks for introducing us to woolythyme! Always a fun read, Bridget!