08 November 2013

Five Favorites for This Friday

Hello all - I think it's time to do this again.  It's been a frustrating week at work, and a pretty normal week otherwise, but there are always at least five good things to point out, right?

1.  It's November.  I like November, it always seems like a cozy month to me.  The weather gets cooler, there are lots of family birthdays (including The Tim), and Thanksgiving arrives, which I think is the coziest holiday out there.

2.  Flu shots.  I had a check-up at my doctor's office this week, and got a flu shot.  I had been meaning to get one, and then had to wait until the shingles were well out of the way.  So this week I was able to be shot. (!)  I know some people say the actually get the flu from the shot, but so far, I just have a sore arm.  And hopefully I won't get the flu!

3.  Cardinals.  There have been cardinals in our garden this week.  They are some of my favorite birds, the males being such a pretty red, and both genders being so peepy.  They are also the state bird of Pennsylvania, as well as my home state of West Virginia (and several other states as well).

4.  Knitting students who finish projects during a class.  While I was working at Rosie's on Sunday, my co-worker Andrea was teaching a project class for a bulky, lacy cowl.  The students were not total newbies to knitting, but they were not veterans either.  In spite of the fact that one of them had to start over three times, they both finished their cowls during the workshop time (that hardly ever happens!).   They were thrilled, and they ended up buying more yarn to make the same things for holiday presents.  It's nice when people are happy rather than frustrated when they learn something new.

5.  Manicures that last.  I treated myself to a manicure last Saturday, and only this morning did I remove the polish.  That's a big deal for me, as usually the polish has chipped quite a bit by the evening of whenever I have my nails done, or fix them myself.  I have been making an effort to take care of my nails, since it keeps me from picking at my cuticles.

What about you?  I hope there are at least 5 things you can find from the week!


Anonymous said...

I had my flu shot this week too. You're right! SORE ARM! The worst ever, but better than last year when I had about 8 hours of being sick after my shot. That was yucky!

Hope you have a great weekend.

We'll be up in Philly next week. Hoping to get to Rosie's Yarn Cellar. Steve has been there, but I have not. Gotta remedy that.

Nancy said...

This is one of the first years that my arm was not sore after a flu shot. By the way, it is impossible to get the flu from the shot because the vaccine is NOT a live virus. Possibly those who get ill afterwards had been exposed before they got the shot.

It is wonderful when students can finish a project during a class. Having a finish definitely encourages them to try another project. Providing adequate time for a class is one of the best ways to more sure students are successful.

I love November, too, and for many of the same reasons you gave.

elns said...

I have been meaning to get a flu shot. For a month. I like your post of pointing out the positive. It's a good example and reminder. I'll give you my quick 5, since you are so kind to share:
1. Knit a hat and am coordinating a drop for our local APS.
2. Dinner plans with a new friend that works on the classroom library leveling project at school with me.
3. Rereading bedtime classics with my son who has decided he's not too old for it.
4. Netflix with my husband and knitting on the couch.
5. Cappuccinos with my Bezzie.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I did the same, got my checkup, flu shot, blood work.

I am grateful that we have access to healthcare, because many do not.

karen said...

trying again: colder mornings, chocolate chip cookies, quiet mornings, finishing off a to do list and looking around your blog :)

kathy b said...

I had a mani last week and it was a real pick me up.

November usually brings me down as we close our screened porch for many months to come.
Im trying to embrace today's snowfall, first of the season, and Im knitting and sitting on a warm kitchen radiator.
THere are things i Love in November:
holiday craft fairs
fires in the fireplace
cardinals all around our yard again too!!
I start listening to carols the night o fThanksgiving