17 January 2014

Five Favorites for This Friday

You may recall that I did this a few times at the end of 2013, and I have decided that it's good to think of any good things from the week, even it has seemed awful otherwise.  Fortunately this week has been OK overall, but here are some of the good things.

1.  I finished my first knitting project of 2014.  Pictures and a post to follow as soon as I can block it.

2.  I finally got a pair of new walking shoes.  They are so comfortable, and as usual, I have to ask myself why I waited so long to replace my worn-out pair.

3.  Thank-you notes for Christmas gifts from our great-nieces and great-nephew in Arizona.  I'm sure their parents make them write, but they are always entertaining, and it's a lovely thing to receive a handwritten/printed note from anyone for a gift.

4.  Peanut butter stirred into my morning oatmeal.  I don't remember how/why/where I thought of this or heard of it, but it is a yummy addition, and means that I have some variety in my breakfast during the week.

5.  Meeting the puppy down the street.  She is 8 weeks old, and a black ball of fuzz.  Her name is Zuzu, and she is madly in love with Dug!  As a result, I also met her "parents" who just moved into the neighborhood, and they seem like a really nice couple.

What about you?  I hope you have at least five things that you are happy to think about from this past week.

Have a great weekend!


Mereknits said...

Lovely things to be happy about. There is nothing like a new puppy, with very nice parents. Hugs to you,

Nancy said...

I like to end each day by giving thanks for special blessings I noticed or received. An attitude of gratitude smooths out the wrinkles in life.

kathy b said...

Well what kind of shoes did you buy? Do share, I need comfy shoes. I usually wear clogs.
IM happy this week about:

Friend Katherine's husband had surgery and things are looking good

We made a coffee table book from a gift card from the kids.

We bought Fireman a truck.

We cancelled our home phones, changed insurance for cheaper rates and cancelled our bank box.

Im happy about just staying in and knitting to a new movie tonight called 20 feet from stardom. Ive been waiting for it!

elns said...

I really love when you put out the positive. It's a great reminder for me. I'm with Kathy, want to know what the shoes are. We have one car my husband takes to work, so I do a lot of walking for my errands and I love my feet, because they love my lower back when I love them heh! I am grateful for the patience we've been trying to practice even though we know we're all driving each other crazy in the household. There's definitely more love than irritation. :)