10 May 2016

April Harry's Hundred Update

Before we get much more into the month, I wanted to do my monthly show and tell for what was included during April for Harry's Hundred.  I am dismayed to report that I did not finish a single thing during the month - for this project or anything else.  I got a few things started and then life intervened.  But hopefully I can add some things during May.

Again during April, GringaTurista (Ravelry ID) has been knitting up a storm.  She has been making mittens galore for Syrian refugees, and they are not just lovely, but they look so cozy and warm!  I think the persons who receive them will have warm enough hands that hopefully it will fill their hearts as well.

But wait - there's more!  Kathy B made a baby hat and a pair of socks to send to Pine Ridge Reservation.  I love the colors of the hat, so cheery and it will look so adorable on a baby.

The socks I love - I kinda wish I had a pair like that ...

So thankfully, these two knitters have provided a large increase in our overall tally.  I am so grateful for the contributions and for the way people have embraced this idea.  And I am having a blast seeing what everyone has made, and finding out where they are being sent/donated.

Goal:  100
Current tally:  30

A huge thank you to GringaTurista and Kathy B!  Let's see if we can keep things going for May. :-)


Araignee said...

Wow! Adorable mittens.
I've made two pair of socks for Harry to send to Syrian refugees and am working on another pair for Wool Aid.

kathy b said...

It is good to be a part of something bigger than myself in BLOGland. Honoring Harry!

handmade by amalia said...

I love mittens.