31 May 2016

Kathy Has Q's, I Have A's

Hello all - I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.  Ours was different than planned, but really nice and relaxing.  Poor The Tim ended the weekend with a full-blown cold, but that was the only bad part.

Today, Kathy has lots of Yes or No questions.  Let's see what I have to say.

Will you be watching the Summer Olympics?

The short answer: Yes.  I always can think of reasons not to, or reasons to rail about how it's no longer about amateur sports.  Then I am in front of the TV the whole time screaming for the athletes I like to WIN.  So I've finally just accepted the fact that I will be watching anyway.  :-)

Is school out yet in your neighborhood?

Nope.  Though I think most schools will be finished for the year by the end of next week.

Did you go to summer camp?

No.  We moved around a lot, and I really had no interest.  Plus, most of the summer camps cost to attend, and my parents wouldn't have been able to afford it even if I had been anxious to go.

Do you display your needles?  

A few.  I have an old pasta tin that holds some of the straight needles I have that are pretty.  But for the most part, my needles are put away out of sight of feline family members.

Have you been on Ravelry this week?

Yes, just this morning.  But I'll admit there are weeks that I don't look at it at all.

Do you walk outside at night?

Yes.  For one thing, on the nights that The Tim is working, it's my responsibility to take Dug for his evening walk.  Admittedly, I would not want to walk around at 2 a.m. (not just in my own neighborhood, but anywhere!), but there are usually a lot of people around outside, at least until about 10 p.m, and especially in the summertime.

Do you think in metric?

Nope.  I understand the concept of a 2-liter bottle, but that's about it.  I always remember one of my second-grade teachers telling us that by the time we grew up, we would be a) using the metric system exclusively, b) living in a completely paperless society, and c) speaking Esperanto.  Go figure.

Do you want a swap?

I've enjoyed swaps in the past, and have fortunately never been unlucky.  But I do tend to get freaked out with the deadlines and requirements, so I haven't participated in one for a long time.

Are you afraid of mosquito borne illness?

No.  I mean, I'm not saying I don't think it could ever happen, but I'm pretty conscientious about spraying on/spreading on mosquito repellent, since I am apparently a 5-star meal in the Mosquitoland Zagat Guide to Good Eating.  I despise mosquitoes.

Have you knit a Christmas or Holiday gift for 2016 yet?

I've completed one thing, and have started another.  I hope to make some more things, but have planned very basic, simple knitting, and only for some of my nieces and their partners who appreciate it.

What about you?  Are you planning to watch the Olympics with a 2-liter soda, while speaking Esperanto to those around you?


elns said...

I love your title, ha! And this killed me: "What about you? Are you planning to watch the Olympics with a 2-liter soda, while speaking Esperanto to those around you?"

Anyhow, I think your Olympic spirit sums up mine. I have a secret confession, that I like to follow the stories of the construction and host city debacles. It's taken even more shine off the whole thing for me. Surprisingly I turn a blind eye with the World Cup. or I dunno. bit of a hypocrite I guess.

Now I want a soda. Hope you're happy ;)

Lorraine said...

Bridget- We've been metric a while now. And if you're up here, you would have a 2 litre bottle of pop.

kathy b said...

You crack me up. 2 litre concept, now that's one I can get my math brain around and have!
So many of us are not METRIC from the responses to the MEme.

Thanks for playing along

Araignee said...

Metric went the way of cursive writing in the schools. It fell out of favor. Not sure why....

Anonymous said...

Apparently, knitting needles are very popular with the feline population. LOL