05 May 2016

May Monday Meme Musings

Well, they are actually responses, but I was into the alliteration of the first three words ...

Today I'm going to share my answers to Kathy's latest meme.  I'm really enjoying these, as I love lists, questions and answers, etc.  So here you go because I'm sure you have been waiting, right? ;-)

Do you follow any blogs that are not knit or crochet blogs?
     Yep, I do.  I regularly follow some book blogs, food blogs, and some life/fashion/beauty blogs.  I don't necessarily always read the posts in a  lot of them, unless the topic is appealing, so it doesn't require as much of my time as you might think

Do you wind your yarn into cakes or balls?
     Usually into cakes.  This is largely because whenever I decide to wind yarn into balls, 99% of the time I end up with a knotted mess.  So I try to make myself pull out the swift and wind into cakes.  However, if yarn comes in a ball, it stays that way.  I'm not a glutton for punishment!

What is the longest stretch you can recall not knitting?
     About six years ago, I had surgery on my right hand, and was in a cast for about three weeks, followed by physical therapy for about a month after.  I stopped knitting until about a week before the physical therapy was finished, because prior to that, it was either too painful or not possible.

Do you bake or buy birthday cakes?
     Bake them.  I love to bake birthday cakes.  Granted, I make them from a box mix, but I enjoy the process, and like the feeling of doing something extra for someone's birthday.  Now, keep in mind that I only bake birthday cakes for those birthdays that are important to me.  If I was ever responsible, say, for a co-worker's birthday cake, it would be bought.

Do you drink water every day?
     Oh yeah.  So much that I usually slosh when I walk!

Have you given up on knitting a certain garment?
     Yep. There have been more than one thing that I got into and then decided it just wasn't gonna happen.  This used to bother me, but not anymore.

For the terrifying question there are several parts.  Have you even been:
     1. Stuck in an elevator?  Thank God NO. Though this is largely because whenever possible, I take the stairs, as I am claustrophobic.
     2.  Lost on a hike?  A few times I've thought I was, but then shortly after saw a landmark that re-oriented me.
     3.  Run out of gas?  Since I don't drive, no.  Growing up though, my father was one of those people who would drive for a while with the indicator on the Empty setting.  Drove my mother nuts, and even though we did run out of gas a few times, neither of them changed.
    4.  Needed to have an emergency landing?  Again, NO, thank God.  I'm not really a nervous flyer, but I think even one emergency landing could change that ...

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  My great-nephew Parker is four years old today, so I'm sure he'll have a good day with lots of extra attention and presents.  We're going to have a [pseudo-] Mexican dinner to celebrate, and even though it hasn't been that long since I ate my lunch, I'm really looking forward to it ...


Judy S. said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo to you as well! Enjoy your celebration.

Anonymous said...

Aren't these memes fun? Kathy does a great job mixing up all the questions.

Happy birthday, Parker! Enjoy your Cinco de Mayo dinner!

Araignee said...

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We just had our fiesta. I won't be able to eat now for a week. It was good though....

Vera said...

Happy post Cinco de Mayo. Hoping our weather clears up at least a little bit for heading to MDSW tomorrow. Excited to go again, not so excited about walking around in the rain/mud/yuck.

kathy b said...

THanks for playing the MEME whenever you can! I love reading everyone's thoughts.
Happy Birthday to Parker ~!!! It was my Grandma's birthday 05-05-05 (1905) It is always a good day for us. Today 5/6 is Fireman's bday!