03 August 2016

Garden Report

You may recall that a bit ago, I was busy reclaiming our garden space.

It worked out a whole lot better than it had in previous summers.  I actually got it cleaned up enough to be out there and not surrounded by weeds, branches, thistles, and the like that had taken over.  And I was in a groove, where each weekend I would go out early on one of the mornings and pull any weeds that were still trying, and sweep up whatever was there from the previous week.  I bought a few plants and put them in pots, found some bird feeders we'd had and put them out, and also found some of the wind chimes we had (I love wind chimes).

The good news?  It's still in pretty decent shape.  We even found a couple of chairs and a table on sale to put out there.  And the birds, squirrels, and plants seem to be pretty happy.

The bad news?  Well, of course I hurt my knee pretty badly - well, OK, both knees within weeks of each other, so I haven't been able to bend down to pick anything up, and therefore haven't been out to pull weeds and sweep.  Also, there were quite a few weekends when it poured rain the entire time, so that took care of any time planned out there.

But mostly?  It has been way too hot and way too humid to be able to stand to be out there at all, even long enough to fill the bird feeders and/or water the plants!  That takes less then 10 minutes, and still by the time you come back inside, you are completely soaked in sweat.  (Not perspiration.  Not a glow.  Sweat.  Period.)

I am looking forward to a change in the weather that will come if not sooner, at least in the fall.  Then we can enjoy being out there, and working out there will be pleasant.  So there's that.  But the fact that I was able to make any progress, and that it's at least under control on a basic level, means that things can only improve if I can stay with it.

All is not lost, though.  We are still able to look out the window and see our plants and bird feeders, and hear our wind chimes.  And the couple of plants outside the doorway to our street are happy too.

Geraniums and impatiens, blooming away!

The Gerbera daisy is blooming again, and the sweet potato vine is really happy.

These are the two newbies in the garden.  I had two avocado pits that I rooted.  I hope at least one of them takes hold and I can have an avocado plant at least for a little bit.

The garden impatiens and the sweet potato vine are getting along quite well, and the impatiens has hardly stopped blooming so far.

This photo looks weird, because I took it from above.  The mandevilla has not bloomed, but it's very busy filling out and climbing.  And the little purple flower plant (whose actual name I forget) has bloomed for the third time!  (The flowers are actually a light purple, not whitish like they appear here.)

So the garden and the plants and the bird feeders are doing quite nicely.  And in a summer that has been awful for so many reasons, it's a nice bright spot that I can see every day.

I know for those of you who are real gardeners, this is nothing.  But we finally have a garden that we can enjoy again, once the weather decides to cooperate.  And after wanting to get it to this point for a few years, and never making much progress at all, it's a sense of accomplishment to feel like it is coming back to being one of the best things about our house.


Bonny said...

I think your garden is really something (definitely not nothing)! All of your plants look great, and bird feeders and wind chimes are lovely additions. The brickwork is beautiful, and I wish you plenty of enjoyable time out there, free of knee pain and sweat!

Araignee said...

My poor little pots are right outside my door and they look so terrible from the heat and neglect. I spent a fortune this year on them. Mother Nature sure hasn't been playing fair.

AsKatKnits said...

What a beautiful, peaceful space! My garden is a bit out of control right now! Garden on Steroids!

Vera said...

Bridget, your space looks lovely and relaxing. You are right, this past month or so has been unbearable with the heat and humidity. I bet your garden spot will be perfect in the fall...a little knitting and tea drinking and dreaming perhaps?

Kym said...

Your garden spot looks so lovely and inviting. I love it! And, sadly, I really "get it" when it comes to bad knees and gardening. I'm not sure whether your knees will allow you to comfortably sit low to the ground, but I have this great gardening cart with wheels. I can sit and wheel myself around without having to get up and down and bend over so much. It really helps me stay active in the garden while not aggravating my knee so much. Maybe worth a try? XO

Kym said...

(Also, even in the best of years, my garden is out of control with weeds and overgrowth by this point in the season. It gets really hard to keep up.)

kathy b said...

Thank Goodness for plants that are hardy!! I've kept up more than any other year I think, and we are out the door soon. I just want them to have flowers when they move in.
I have kept the hosta very green thisyear by deep watering them almost daily.
My zinnias keep smiling and blooming.

Things will rest in the heat in your yard and then flourish when it cools just a bit.

Your garden is yours....and its beautiful

elns said...

It looks so pleasant in your garden. I know it's hot now, but you'll be able to enjoy it with knitting right?!?

I'm sorry about your knees. Man it's a rough summer out here for some of us. Valerie fell too! The bangs and being banged up ache like something I cannot recall.

I hope you heal fast and the weather cools down for you. Me? it's chilly today, I wish we could do a bit of a mash up of our two temperatures! But honestly? I'll take the chilly over the crazy heat. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Your back yard is charming. For an inner city lot, it looks like you have quite a bit of space. Hope it cools off soon so you can enjoy being outside again.

steph said...

totally hear you about the heat and humidity.....and i sweat, too....no glow here!!! Every little bit you do green-wise is a help to the environment, attracting butterflies, bee, and other pollinators is so important!!! And it looks pretty, too!!! talk about a win-win!!!

Lorette said...

Wow! You are doing a lot of work! I can kill plastic flowers.