14 March 2017

Birthday and Brackets!

Today is this little girl's 61st birthday:

And Cream Puff the stuffed dog, shown here, is still with her and as loved as ever.

Yep, it's my birthday - YAYYYYYYY!!!!!  I am having a lovely day at home with The Tim and the kitties, just relaxing and being cozy.  We had planned an outing for today, but the snowstorm took care of that.  Which is fine, because I like snow.  However, it has turned to ice rain now, which I do NOT like in any shape or form.  Even when I am getting around fine otherwise, I don't do well on ice, so getting to and from work tomorrow should be challenging - even if it is just getting off the street to get a cab!

But like Miss Scarlett O'Hara, I'll think about that tomorrow and enjoy the day as I have been doing already.  I love birthdays.  For one thing, having a birthday is always preferable to the alternative, if you ask me!  And I love cake - on my own birthday, I don't even have to be the one to bake it.  As a matter of fact, as I am typing this, The Tim is downstairs putting the finishing touches on my cake.

So no matter what is or is not going on with you, tonight drink a toast (alcoholic or not) to the fact that we are all still here!


Are you a fan of March Madness, the college basketball frenzy?  I'll admit that I don't pay really close attention, or watch every game, but I do like to see who is playing and decide who I'd like to win.  So I always print the bracket and keep track what way.  This year, Villanova University is the top seed, and they are of course local.  From all reports, the kids and the coach are nice, decent people so I hope they do well.  Plus it's always fun to have a horse in the race so to speak.

However, there are other versions of March Madness floating around that I also enjoy, most notably Fug Madness.  I love the ridiculousness of it, and the commentary by the Fug Girls.  Play along if you like, it is stupidly fun.

And then, a friend directed me to the brackets set up for March Mayhem by the ladies at Mason-Dixon Knitting - I love it!  Not just the fun aspect of the brackets, but the chance to check out some patterns I may not have otherwise ever seen.  (Not that I need any more things in my Ravelry queue, but what are you gonna do?)

A friend who lives in Pittsburgh even posted a picture of the brackets set up by a local classical music station for listeners to compare and vote on.  What a fun idea!

I love that different groups are making brackets for their own interests.  Though March Madness is a true, intensive competition, the others are just for fun.  And I think the world can use as much fun as it can find these days, don't you!



sprite said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRIDGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim in Oregon said...

Happy happy birthday! I still have my much loved Pooh Bear of a similar vintage.

Vera said...

Happy Birthday Bridget!! Be safe tomorrow.

Araignee said...

Happy birthday!!!!

I hate to say it but your beloved little doggie reminds me of my childhood nightmare. It looks an awful lot like Farfel, the Nestle dog that used to scare me to death everytime his commercial came on TV. N E S T L E S....nestle makes the very best...chooooocolate. Then he snapped his jaws closed and sent me out of the room screaming. Still gives me shivers.

I do fill out brackets on ESPN. We have a family group. I never do very well but I have to say I usually do just as well as those who think they know something about the game.

Tired Teacher said...

Happy Birthday! I will indeed toast tonight with a fun wine called, Squished Witch, from the Oz Winery.

Anonymous said...

Happiest of birthdays to you!!!!I think it is so cool that you have a stuffie from your childhood.

I don't get into March Madness too much ....mostly when it gets down to the semi-finals and beyond. But, will watch this year. Steve's brother graduated from Villanova.

Steve went to Temple.

And me? I went to Beaver College which isn't even Beaver College anymore. :-(

Bonny said...

Happy Birthday, Bridget! I hope you had a good day today, and have a wonderful, happy, and healthy year ahead. I am raising my mug of chai and Rumchata to you and the fact that we are all still here!
P.S. Here are brackets for books: http://www.themorningnews.org/tob/
I am terrible at choosing winners, but the analysis is interesting to read.

The Well Fed Wheel said...

Happy B-Day!!!!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Happy Birthday my friend! And many more to you.

karen said...

happy birthday to you sweet bridget!!

Nance said...

Oh, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a terrific one. Enjoy that cake.

elns said...

Happy Birthday Bridget! I think you're just wonderful!

And YES to the Fug Madness. Love it so much.

Mereknits said...

How did I forget about Go FUg YOurself? How? I have missed it! I did see MDK and loved some of the sweaters.
i am rooting for Kansas.

elns said...

Happy Birthday Bridget! I thought I left a message but I'm getting fast with the clicking and slow with the remembering. Anyhow I love the photos and I love the Fug Madness as well. Wishing you a whole lot of happy all the time.