06 March 2018


Please indulge me for this mini-rant. 

A few years back, a friend gave me an unopened set of Addi Interchangeable Needles, still wrapped up.  She had received them as a gift, and already had a set, and did not want to try and return/exchange them.  So she gave them to me. 

I have approximately one bazillion circular needles of various sizes, in various states of condition.  Most of the time, I grab one of those to work on a project, but recently I did start working on something that used a needle size that was not in the bazillion, so I broke open the Addi set.  When I pulled out the size cable I needed to attach for the project I was using, there was a huge bump/bubble on it that would definitely catch yarn.  I remembered that Addi was usually really good about making good on broken needles, faulty products, etc., so I went on to the website and explained my problem.  I received an e-mail saying that if I didn't have the paperwork to return them to the merchant, I could send them to the company in Washington State.  So I sent them there with a note as to the issue.

Yesterday the replacement cable arrived, along with a letter.  The letter stated that they were "happy" to send me the replacement cable this time, but that "this is not considered a manufacturing problem, and in the future, we will not be willing to replace the product."  This really annoys me.

Yes, they did replace the cable for me.  And that is lovely customer service.  But if a bump/bubble in the plastic of the cable is not considered a problem in the manufacture of said cable, what would be?  The "non-problem" would be a big-time problem when you were trying to knit.  And it came that way, in a sealed package, so it's not like I had been using it and set it down next to radiator causing it to melt or something like that. 

I have to tell you, I was disappointed in their response.  I understand that there may be people who do/have tried to take advantage of their returns/exchange policies, and they are a business with a bottom line, etc.  But I still would like to know why the problem wasn't considered a problem on their end.  And the snippy tone of the letter surprised me too.

So although I know have a working cable, which is nice, I'm a bit put off by them.  I'm not sure I'll go out of my way to purchase one of their products in the future.

White People Problems, am I right?


Nance said...

That's unfortunate. I wonder what has caused this sentiment.

I know LL Bean has recently revamped their "lifetime returns, no questions asked" policy because of abuse. People were buying up old LL Bean products at yard sales and at thrift stores for almost nothing, then getting new products once they sent in the old ones. Obviously, this is not the case with you, but perhaps Addi is seeing a similar problem in some vein.

Vera said...

Their response does seem a bit weird, for sure. I don't like the interchangeable needles. I've tried several different sets and yarn ALWAYS catches on the join and I must knit in a strange way as the joins ALWAYS come undone...I'll be curious to hear how/if you like them.

Araignee said...

Wow....that is an odd response. Usually knit companies try to keep their customers happy. Those cables probably cost peanuts to manufacture. They should be giving them away to keep their needles working. I'd be miffed too and have a hard time using them after that. I have a book here from a famous fiber artist that pi$$ed me off during the transaction and I haven't even opened it or read it. I paid for a signed copy as a pre-order, never received it and then she got mad at me-and lots of other Rav folks when we asked for a refund so we could buy a regular copy of the book. Never got the refund and ended up paying twice to get the book which was stupid because I don't have the stomach to even open it anymore. And that's my rant of the day....

Kim in Oregon said...

Well that's not a good way to treat customers.

Unknown said...

I gave up on addi some time ago. Not germane, I know, but I don't like them.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh I feel you - nothing like a snotty comment to make another otherwise positive customer service experience sour...

I have a similar story:

I used to use a Bee Mop to wash my floors. I purchased the mop and the replacement mop heads at the grocery store when doing my groceries for convenience sake. I'd purchased one that had a mop and scrubber on the head - a new design. It fell apart after two uses (regular Bee Mop heads usually lasted me six months or more, washing the entire house once a week). So I emailed the company. Customer service asked me if I had the receipt. I replied no - it was on a grocery receipt, and after I check to make sure I wasn't overcharged for anything, I don't hang on to them.
It took over a week for her to reply, and when she did, she said "I have sent you coupons for a replacement head, however, in future, I strongly suggest that you hang on to all your receipts for at least six months."

Really - I have to hang on to a scrap of paper because you can't supply a reliable product.

I replied back, thank you for the coupons, but due to the snottiness of the reply, if I receive them, I will be donating them to a shelter or somewhere that can use them and I will no longer be purchasing Vileda's (maker of Bee Mops) products. And I haven't since.

All they had do was just send the coupons, or say, sorry, we can't reimburse without a coupon. It amazes me how many customer service departments have no concept of keeping customers happy.

Kym said...

Hope you're feeling a little better, now. A little rant is always good for the soul! XO

Anonymous said...

I was disappointed with how my Addi Fixed circulars held up. The finish came off the tips quite quickly.

I'm a Hiya Hiya or Chiagoo shopper now.

Caffeine Girl said...

That is a disappointing response. Clearly that was a manufacturing mistake!

Tired Teacher said...

One of the ladies in my knitting group had a similar experience with her Addi Clik needles, and it took her a long time to get a replacement.

Tamster said...

That is some lousy customer service. "We'll fix it THIS time, but don't count on it in the future." Great, Addi -- don't count on me buying your stuff in the future, either.

But I am wondering about your last line -- what does race have to do with any of this? "First world problems" -- that I would get. Worrying about knitting needle cables when people are starving and living in war-torn countries seems petty. But "White People Problems"? What does race have to do with any of this?

karen said...

what? hmm.

I have had excellent service from knit picks and from chiago (however spelled). I did have the paperwork to prove it. Both companies never questioned the break.

Carol said...

I recently bought an (expensive) Addi circular size #10, while I was out of town and realized that I had left my own #10 at home.
After knitting for a while on the way home, I noticed that the cable was clearly marked #9, though the package clearly said #10
and showed no evidence of ever having been opened.
When I called the LYS owner the next day, he said that had never happened before in 30 years of dealing with that supplier.
Maybe things are going downhill at Addi. In any case, I will doublecheck any needle I buy from them in the future.