26 August 2018

Sunday Smorgasbord

Here we are, the very last Sunday of August for this year.  The last few days have been so nice, so enjoyable, and the nights so pleasant.  I was foolishly thinking that maybe it would just stay like this, but no, starting today the humidity returns, and starting tomorrow the 90s join it.  I should learn.  But apparently I never do.

When I worked at the Senate, John McCain was known for being nice to his staff.  That of course should be the norm, but it was not by a long shot.  So you knew the nice ones, the kind ones, the good ones, even if they may have beliefs and views that you did not share.  It helped you to remember that at the end of the day, they were all just people.  I also admire anyone who lives through torture and comes out of it with a desire to do good for everyone.  I didn't agree with most of his politics, but I also feel he understood what being a public servant meant, which is a rare commodity these days.  I will also never forgive him for giving Sarah Palin national recognition.  But in the end, I hope Senator McCain had a quiet and peaceful passing into paradise.  

My oldest great-niece is now moved into her dorm at Arizona State University, ready for the adventure that is college.  I know she will do well, but I am surprised every day that I have a great-niece old enough for college, because how can I be that old?

This Tuesday night is Stitch 'n Pitch here, with our Phillies playing the Washington Nationals.  A group of us are going, and I'm sure it will be fun and ridiculous.  I hope Aaron Nola is pitching, since he is one of my most fave Phillies.  Of course, it's also going to be a bazillion degrees hot with a bazillion percent humidity, which makes me wonder why this can't happen in June or something ...

One of the things that we were told about Hamlet is that he is particularly fond of tissues, paper towels, etc.  This morning he proudly came upstairs holding an empty toilet paper roll that we had set at the door to the basement for recycling.  If a dog can be beaming, he was.  It's definitely one of the funniest things he has done since he's come here to live.  

Hamlet continues to get comfortable with the cats, after not being sure what to do about them at first.  They of course cannot understand why he doesn't go out of his way to cuddle with them, etc. like Dug used to do.  The Koodle of course continues to take advantage of this, particularly by enjoying the dog pad while Hamlet is too polite to unseat him.

I have been knitting, though I have not been taking a lot of pictures of my knitting, mostly because I only think to do it when there is no chance of getting any decent shots, or I don't really have the time (i.e., I'm getting ready to leave for work).  But I did recently add another row of squares to my blanket.

The top row is the newest.  I am having fun making this, and though it only is worked on in fits and spurts, I'm not in a big hurry with it.  Plus, I can't work on it too much at any given time or I become obsessed and then my hands hurt.  

It's looking more and more like I won't be finishing my Edie top in time to wear it this year, though it's still a possibility, just not a definite possibility.  The person who was going to help me fix the messed up sleeve is not available anytime soon, so I have to wait for her schedule to open up.  I am certain it will be finished though, so I'm not worried.  I am trying to decide what my next "big" project should be - I have several in mind, all of which I already have yarn to make, and all of which I have the desire to make.  Maybe I'll put the names in a hat and draw a random winner ...

This past Friday, I got my hair cut for what very well may be the last time at the place I've been going.  It makes me sad, because it was really close to home and the person who cut my hair understood what I wanted, and I like her so much.  But they recently raised their prices significantly, and even if The Tim had a full-time job, the price is a bridge too far for me to spend on my hair.  It's funny, I'll pay more than I should, up to a certain point and then I just can't go beyond that.  Anyway, there is a woman who works at my dentist's office who has a great short haircut, and she gave me the name of where she goes.  So I'm gonna give them a try at my next appt.  The cost for a haircut there plus a tip would be pretty close to just the cost of the haircut where I'm currently going.  It's not as close to home and they apparently book up pretty quickly, but it's worth a try.  If you have been reading this blog for more than a little while, you know I'm really picky about my hair.

I guess that's about everything currently rattling around in my brain.  Today's plans include cleaning up some things, heading out to see if I can find a couple of new shirts that I could wear to work (there are a couple of sales to check), and some knitting.  The pair of socks I'm making for my brother-in-law's birthday are moving along quite well, thanks to self-striping yarn being so much fun.  

What are you thinking about or working on these days?  Is anything exciting going on in your life?


faith76 said...

I like your blanket of squares. I have a forgotton similar project but with much smaller squares. It will take me an age to do but it is a pick up project for in between projects.

Tired Teacher said...

I can imagine Hamlet's smile when he found the tissue roll. My sister had a poodle that loved getting tissues out of the garbage and tearing them to bits - funny, since I didn't have to clean it up. My knitting and sewing have been stalled for nearly a month. I need to find some motivation.

Bonny said...

I'm thinking about how I also got fooled into thinking that love;y taste of "pre-fall" weather was here to stay. I loved the cool mornings and lack of sweltering humidity, so I better finish laundry and vacuuming so I can fit in some porch knitting time before it's too hot and I'm too grumpy.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

The Koodle is my kind of cat!

Just fair knitting going on around here - my needles are clickin!

Araignee said...

You're blanket is looking fun. I love all those bright colors!

Nance said...

Good Luck with the new stylist. My own Trials And Tribulations with all things Haircut make me nervous for you. I am hoping for a good report on that front.

Everyone seems to be getting out their mitred square blankets, and I have to say that I am so stuck in a Knitting Rut, that I am ready to get mine back out too, even though it is really big and I have to fight the cats off of it constantly. And we are getting more Horrid Summer here, too, and Blanket Knitting seems ContraIndicated.

I will think of it as a Resistance Activity. ;-)

karen said...

I hope you love the new hair place :) I am thinking of switching optometrists and new scares me but the office is filled with people who don't know what they are doing and I don't like that. I like competence. I would LOVE if Frodo would not chase Holly, but that will be a cold day you know where...for the time being.

Anonymous said...

I was amazed how much haircuts cost up here.

In Jacksonville I paid $15 for a "no frills", but absolutely FABULOUS haircut.
Here I was paying between $40 and $60. With tips and all the $60 cut was almost $80 and I get my hair cut every four to six weeks.

Some adjustments will HAVE to be made. LOL

Hope your new hairdresser works out well for you.

Mereknits said...

I totally agree with you about John McCain, I respected him but did not necessarily agree with him. HE is the last of his class of Republicans, it is so sad to see him leave this Earth with what is going on in politics right now. Love the blanket and so sorry to hear you have to change hair places. See that is why I have no hair style at all, I can just go to Great Clips and get a trim. No fuss.

Vera said...

Cute pic of the animals! And your blanket looks fabulous (and larger than mine...). Enjoy stitch & pitch. I hope it is not beastly hot.

Kym said...

The weather here did the same kind of thing . . . lulled us right into thinking comfortable sleeping weather had arrived again -- only to be rudely reminded that humidity reigns!!! I love hearing about Hamlet (and seeing his photos). What a Great Dog he is!!! (And so lucky to have found you and Tim and the kitties.) And I so get you about the hair! I hope you have good luck with your new stylist! (Why does it cost so much to get a haircut???? I ask myself this all the time . . . ) Here's to a good week, Bridget! XO

AsKatKnits said...

I was saddened also by Senator McCain's passing. While I did not agree with his politics, he was the last of those who knew how the senate works... with cooperation across the aisle.

And, I am with you on the hair issue... oy. Why is it so expensive??

kathy b said...

Finding someone new to cut your hair is a big deal to me. its nuts to pay crazy money for it though!
Your blanket is off to a lovely start