02 August 2018

What August Should Be - What August Probably Will Be

Hi there everyone!  I thought I'd join everyone participating in Three on Thursday today, since I was in the mood for it.  I'm doing it with kind of a twist though, and since as far as I know, there are no Three on Thursday Police, it should be OK.

So I'm sharing three things that fall into the category of what *I* think August should be, and three things that August probably will be, at least for me.

August SHOULD be:

Vacation time.  When I was growing up, we usually took our summer vacation - such as it was - in August.  It was a quiet time for my dad at work, and he would always proclaim that everyone else had already taken their vacations by August so we wouldn't run into crowds. 

August Probably WILL be:

Looking forward to a three-day weekend when August ends and Labor Day weekend comes, since this summer our vacation was the three days we spent in Rehoboth Beach in early July.  It was fun, but that's it for vacation for us, both for financial reasons, and because I can't take any time off this month.

August SHOULD be:

Non-stop fresh tomatoes. 

August  Probably WILL be:

Some fresh tomatoes, still quite expensive at the Farmer's Market (but I buy a few anyway, because a summer without fresh tomatoes is not worth having).  The Tim planted some tomato plants this year, and they started out well, but after yielding ~4 tomatoes, they seem to have been fried by the sun. 

August SHOULD be:

Leisurely.  Which is not the same as being on vacation.  August should be a time when you can take long walks or bicycle around.  There should be day trips planned to the beach on weekends.

August  Probably WILL be:

Not leisurely.  When it's blazing hot with humidity that makes it hard to breathe, or it seems to be raining every weekend, it's just not conducive (at least not for me) to long walks, bicycle rides, or a trip to the beach.

Nevertheless, during August there are still some family birthdays and anniversaries to note, as well as the knowledge that summer is winding down.  Which means that fall and cooler weather is on the way.  School starts - sometimes even in mid-August - and though I have been out of school for eleventy-plus years, I still feel the "fresh start" aspect of a new school year, which I always think is good.

Most importantly, whether it's August or November or April, as long as I still wake up, it's a good day.  :-)


Bonny said...

If there are any 3oT police, they will surely approve of this post. I struggle mightily with my own "should be" expectations and the "how it really is" realities and disappointments. You've expressed it well, including the recognition that it's all pretty good as long as we've woken up. Enjoy the tomatoes!

Tired Teacher said...

I can relate to your list. When I was still working also some eleventy years ago, August 1st meant it was time to go prepare my two classrooms at the school, prepare lessons, and stamp and mark new textbooks. Classes usually begin mid-August in my community.

Fresh tomatoes are nature's candy. I ❤️ them!

AsKatKnits said...

My tomatoes are suffering the same plight... sun-scorched and sad.

Here is to as much leisure as we can squeeze in to this August!

Anonymous said...

August to me is a "slog through it" month to get to the GOOD months .... September, October and November.

Kym said...

I hope August turns out to be JUST what it SHOULD be for you! XO

Nance said...

I hear you about the tomatoes! I feel like there used to be an Abundance Of Tomatoes, starting in mid-July around here in NEO, and they were always delicious. Now, very few farmstands have any at all, even now, and they taste...meh. Having given up on growing My Own years ago (space and pest issues), it's annoying that I get far better tomatoes at the grocery store, grown in Canada! (Bless you, Canada, for your lovely tomatoes and so much more!)

karen said...

your August reality is my truth. No big vacations (my fault for not planning ahead but I wanted the kids to be able to come and schedules were unforgiving), humidity is yucky, and someone ate all the volunteer tomato plants?!

Mereknits said...

August is the start of school, actually in just over a week. Growing up we never started until after Labor Day. August should be late summer light and days that are shorter and maybe cooler, not here in Florida, it is hot and humid, pretty gross actually.

KSD said...

August should NOT be back to school time, but it is here. Wrong.