30 August 2018

Three Good Things

Yes, I'm here and have not melted away into a puddle of ick.  I have tried all summer to not grouse about it, as summer is not a fave of mine, but this week has had me give up all pretense and just be Done.With.It.

But today is Three on Thursday, so let me tell you about three good things that are coming up.

Good Thing #1 - I took tomorrow off, so the whole day is mine!  The Tim will be at work, so it will be me, the kitties, and Hamlet.  I have some ideas of what I might do, but will see what I feel like doing or not doing and proceed accordingly.

Good Thing #2 - The Tim and I are planning to go to the New Jersey Sheep and Fiber Festival next Saturday (September 8)!  We went a couple of years ago, and enjoyed it.  Plus, a friend is a vendor there, so we will get to see her and her yarns.  She lives in southern Virginia, so we don't see her much at all, though we all keep up with each other on Facebook.

Good  Thing #3 - It's a long weekend in the U.S. for Labor Day!  No specific plans, but who cares - it's a day off that I don't have to use vacation time to enjoy.  It also means that with my Friday, I will be able to have a longer long weekend.  And September will be starting, which is the start of many things I enjoy. 

Feel free to stop over a Carole's blog and see what others had to say today.  :-)


AsKatKnits said...

Yay!! Steve took tomorrow off too... so it should be a lovely long weekend for us (him??? lol)

I hope this damned heat and humidity breaks soon, or I just might lose what is left of my mind!

Tired Teacher said...

Enjoy your time recharging and recalibrating your body and mind. Nothing lifts the spirits like a new routine, and your plans sound wonderful.

Bonny said...

I always think that if I can make it to Labor Day, then the wait for cool, crisp breezes to blow our way will be a short one. I'm not sure that is really the case as it looks like there is plenty of ick next week, but it has to happen sometime soon. Fingers crossed it happens VERY soon, and enjoy your long weekend!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I am a summer person, but this summer has been BRUTAL!
I am soooo looking forward to fall!

Caffeine Girl said...

Sounds like a great long weekend. I am driving my mom to a family event in Chicago (6 hours round-trip!), hosting my Torah group on Saturday, and (I hope) getting some quilting done!

elns said...

3 fabulous things!

I am taking part of the minimal obligation 3 day weekend.

Sending you best wishes.

Araignee said...

I am so over it too. This week has been cruel and unusual punishment for sure. UGH.
The festival sounds like fun but I have to feel sorry for sheep right now. How miserable must they be in this weather. Double UGH.

Anonymous said...

Vera, Joyce, Bonny and I will all be at NJ Sheep too. Not sure what time we are going to get there, but we'll try and catch up with you and Tim.

karen said...

hurray for fiber festivals!! Glad you have a day off, I hope the weather isn't too summery (but it probably will be....)