19 September 2018

I Wish This Cold Would Unravel Itself

So I am feeling somewhat better, but this is gonna be one of those colds that just hangs around to be annoying.  Sometimes I think if I could one more time, my innards will come spilling out!  At least I have been able to knit and read some, so things are looking up.

I did in fact finish the pair of socks that were so close to being done (FO post soon), which did a lot for my state of mind.  Next up, I'm gonna of course make more socks, though details have yet to be decided.  I just like making socks, and always feel comforted having a pair going. 

In my last post, I also showed this swatch:

which I am happy to report matched the pattern gauge.  So I have decided to try to knit myself a Weekender, by Andrea Mowry.  Everyone I know who has made one really liked the pattern and the resulting sweater. Supposedly it's a fairly quick knit, and right now that sounds good to me.  I saw on Instagram that Tracie of the Grocery Girls made one (pretty quickly too!) and then saw on the podcast that she loves it.  It's worth a shot, I figure.  However, I need to practice the tubular cast-on before I start in earnest.  That might take a bit, but rumor has it that it is a lovely cast-on once you "get" it, and I like to try new things, so that will be my next immediate knitting event.

I'm about halfway through Calypso, by David Sedaris (it's not long, but I'm listening to it, and that takes longer for me).  I'm truly enjoying it, as I pretty much love anything he writes, and having him read the audiobook makes it even better.  Then for my actual reading - you know, with my eyes instead of my ears - I just started this one:

because I don't think Bob Woodward will steer me wrong, into made up stories and speculation.  I'm about 30 pages in, and well, if I didn't know better, I'd think it was the most preposterous made-up story about a crazed fictional character ever.  Sadly, it's not.  Ugh.

So when I am not coughing up a lung, I'm feeling well enough to function at a nearly regular rate, and that's a win as far as I'm concerned.  What about you - any new projects or new books?

I'm joining Kat and the others today for Unraveled Wednesday - take a look and see what others are busy reading and knitting!


Araignee said...

I am halfway through listening to Fear myself. Wow. Just wow. Going through the campaign again was painful. Hearing how Bannon and Conway knew how unfit he was and sold him as the character he played on TV to the American people just makes me so mad. I wish that was a crime. They both should be in jail for that.

AsKatKnits said...

OOo! I have been eyeing Weekender for some weeks now! I have yet to swatch but I have a couple of SQ of yarn on my "wish list" for our trip to Michigan.

And, I am on an incredibly long wait list for FEAR at my library. I will have to live vicariously though your reading of it until my turn comes.

Bonny said...

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better and hope you continue to improve. I think you're brave to read Fear. As bad as things are, I'm afraid to read about how much worse it really is. I'll look forward to your review (and some good news from midterm elections).

Tired Teacher said...

Fear is in my queue on Overdrive. All of my instincts during the campaign told me something terrible was going to happen if DT won the election. I'm baffled that intelligent people continue to defend him and his crazy actions. It's stressful for me to be around my sister and her husband during the news because they have swallowed gallons of the Kool-aid the administration has doled out.

Vera said...

Sorry your cold is lingering...hope you are up and about soon!!

Honoré said...

I hope you are feeling 100% better. Looks like you have a lot to keep you company as you return to normal...Fear is on my list...not sure if I'll read or listen...or both! Sure do wish this drama would END!

Take care and knit on!


kathy b said...

Oh so many people seem to have that virus around here. Im knitting rabbits for some reason. Im watching baseball!

Kym said...

I think Weekender looks like a great sweater -- and I can't wait to see yours! I, too, am on the ever-so-long list for "Fear." So long that I may just go out and buy it so I can read it soon! I hope you feel better soon, Bridget. XO

Caffeine Girl said...

I have been in the same place as you, suffering from an awful cold.
I always get one at the beginning of the school year -- too much stress! And it really sucks to be under the weather for the High Holy Days.
But I'm hanging in there, expected more than 30 people to break the fast this evening at our house. I know, it's crazy not to cancel, but my break fast has been going on for something like 20 years, so I hate to interfere with tradition.
Will I go to work tomorrow? Probably. I worry too much about the kids when I'm gone.

KSD said...

I'm working through "Fear," too. Like you, I trust Woodward.

Please feel better. No fun thinking of you as miserable.

Jane said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. That virus sounds nasty. Knit on with the socks. I'll have to put David Sedaris on my audio list at the library. I know he is entertaining. A little humor might be a good thing to balance Fear.

Anonymous said...

Weekender looks great. Hope you are feeling ALL well soon.

karen said...

I'm sorry you have a lingering cold - boo. I hate those kinds of viruses that take forever to leave. Lovely knitting!