21 August 2019

Raveled and Moving Right Along

OK, the heat and humidity is supposed to break for the weekend.  I'm letting you know right now, that if it does not, you may never hear from me again, because I will be ready to end someone and I'm not sure they would let me knit and blog from a prison cell.

Having said that, I must tell you that I am being truly challenged by my desire not to wish days away, and to live in the present.  It's extremely difficult to breathe in this weather, much less sleep, and I'm tired of feeling cranky and damp with sweat all of the time.  Let's just say that I spend more time in my head than usual ...

Anyhoo, I'm joining in with Kat and everyone for Unraveled Wednesday today.  Fortunately, my knitting is not unravelling, rather I'm moving right along on things.  My Pabaigh sweater is now split for the sleeves, but the photo I took of it looks pretty much the same as any other photo I've shown here, so just think of those photos, but with more knitted fabric. 

The other project I'm knitting though, is zooming right along!  I am knitting a pair of socks, in my own way of doing two at a time.  This was the yarn that I was untangling a couple of weeks ago.  As I was then winding it into a ball, I realized that I could wind it into two balls, and knit two socks together.  I have tried the two-at-a-time methods, and frankly I don't really enjoy that.  But in my own way, I find it enjoyable - I knit one cuff, then another; then one leg, and then the other, etc.  

As you can see below, I have one leg and cuff done, and am ready to start on the leg of the other sock.

The pattern is Heel Toe Do Si Do, from the Crazy Sock Lady, and it is so much fun!  It's pretty memorizable, once you do a couple of repeats, and it's one of those patterns where you think, OK I'll do x more rows before I quit for today, so it goes really quickly.  Also, since the pattern is just on the front, that also makes it move along.  I'm really enjoying this knit, both the yarn and the pattern.

I'm also reading this book at work during my lunch break:

I just started it on Monday, and so far it's a good lunchtime read.  I find that having something that is not too heavy to read at lunch works best for me, since I only get half an hour and generally books like this have fairly short chapters, so I can read a couple and get into the story.

I'm also getting ready to read this book, which I just picked up as a hold at the library.

I've been intrigued by it since it was first published, so I'm hoping I'll like it and not be annoyed or disappointed once I start.


In other news, today is a day of birthdays!  My father was born 101 years ago today, and so it's always been a special day in our family.  Of course, I can no more imagine him being 101 than I can imagine having a million dollars, but I still enjoy celebrating his birthday.  In an odd coincidence, it's also The Tim's father's birthday!  I *think* he would be 97 years old if he was still with us (I hope I'm at least somewhere near his age, so he won't haunt me for making him a lot older!).  And our late calico cat, Tess the Bunyip, was "assigned" this birthday by us, since we didn't know her actual birthday, and this seemed like a good day to choose.  So tonight we will lift a glass to all of them.

As far as those presently among us, today is my friend Andrea's birthday!!!  I got to know her when she became my Sunday co-worker when Rosie's Yarn Cellar was still open.  We have remained really good friends since, and though I don't get to see her and hang out with her nearly enough, I know she will have a wonderful day, since she enjoys celebrating birthdays as much as I do.  So please join me in sending her a wish.

Happy Birthday, Andrea!!!


Vera said...

Happy Birthday Andrea!

The socks look fun Bridget - love the yarn.

Elizabeth said...

I am a firm believer in your version of knitting 2 socks at a time-- easy with no fiddly loops or cables to deal with. And they go so fast! Hope you will enjoy the Death of Mrs. Westaway. I thought it was a good read and twists that I never expected.

Dee said...

Happy birthday to all!

Hoping that cool weather (or cool-ER) finds us on the weekend.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Happy Birthday to all!!!

Your sock is looking great! We had a huge thunderstorm roll through last night and it *looks* cooler out there, but I haven't actually stepped outside to check

Nance said...

It's beastly in NEO. I'm so over it. Every effort outdoors is gargantuan. I was in my jammies by 6:30 last night, and I probably will be again tonight.

I never stop to think about how old my late father would be now. I like the idea of him being Timeless, I guess. It's all very odd to think about for me.

But enjoy this Birthday Day! I hope it is a happy one.

AsKatKnits said...

I am so with you on this blasted weather - gah, I am so over humidity already!

Lovely socks! And, thanks for the pattern link! It does look like a quick knit!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to all. I think it is a great idea to celebrate all of those birthdays. I should try your sock method. I have heard of it previously and now have enough needles to knit a pair by that method. A good mystery is a great escape. Happy reading and knitting.

kathy b said...

Love your sock method. I do side by side socks too. Our humidity just dropped. Ahhhhhhh. I can feel the wonderful difference. I was getting cranky from the air. Should be good sleeping weather

Araignee said...

I'm with you. If we don't get a break from the heat so I can turn off the AC and open the windows for some fresh air I am going to lose it.

andrea said...

you are so sweet! thank you for the birthday shout-out! and don't worry, i'll be in the neighboring cell if the heat doesn't end soon!

karen said...

I've spent the past week wishing summer away, I'm proud of it. I lasted this long and now I'm done. Love your socks!!

Mereknits said...

I just listened to Ruth Ware's In A Dark Dark Wood and it was really wonderful, suspenseful and a great book. Enjoy!