23 August 2019

This Post Brought to You By Letter Writing

Hello and happy Friday!  It certainly seemed to take its time getting here, but as long as it arrived, that's what mattered.  Today seems like a good day for some letters.


Dear People Ahead of Me In Line at Wawa:

None of you have an overwhelming amount of things that you are buying.  And though the wait is normally not that long, it's long enough for you to be prepared when it is your turn to check out.  So how about being ready?  You know, have your wallet/card/cash easily reachable and ready to go, so that you are not holding up things by a) digging around in your bag and/or b) looking to see what cash you can dig out of a pocket.  And by extension, do your fellow bus riders/subway riders a favor and have your card ready for that too.  It's not like you are running to catch the bus and haven't had time.  Most of you are the types that complain when it's someone else doing the same thing, so work on some self-awareness, why don't you?


Dear Guy Spraying the Sidewalk in Front of the Bank:

I know you want to just get it done and move on, but please remember that people are walking by, and don't just randomly pull the hose.  Yesterday you nearly knocked a guy down, and he was even trying to be careful!


Dear People on Social Media:

Stop complaining.  No one is forcing you to a) use social media, or b) follow everyone and everything.  So your continual whining about how terrible and toxic it is gets old really fast.  I am not an expert, nor am I a paragon of what is right, but I am a sensible person.  I do look at Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  However, if something/someone bothers me a lot, I don't follow them, or I block them.  Problem solved.  And since the world is still the world no matter how you try to control it, I don't look at any social media after 8 p.m.  Why get yourself upset/worked up/overwhelmed to the point where, by the time you go to sleep, you can't get to sleep?  Also, no one is making you look at/use social media all the time, so your "vacations" seem awfully made up to me.  If you are spending too much of your day on social media, it isn't social media's fault.  Geez.


Dear People with Cell Phones:

Look up.  Pay attention.  And unless the call is REALLY important, don't take it in the middle of spending time with someone else.  It's rude.  Before cell phones, people had no compunction about saying "I'm busy right now, I'll call you back," and the world still kept turning.


Dear a Large Number of Men:

Get over yourselves.


Dear a Large Number of Women:

See above.


Dear Fall:

I see you, waiting in the wings.  Let's get together soon, OK?


Dear Cardinal Family Who Live in the Garden:

Wow you guys eat a lot!  But I'm glad you seem to think our garden is the best restaurant in town.  Feel free to stay as long as you like, we are more than happy to have you in the family so to speak.


Dear Oliver Who Lives Down the Street:

I am so glad that even if you are scared of most dogs, that you and Hamlet have become friends.  He is just as excited to see you as you are to see him.  I would apologize for his bad breath when he kisses you, but you don't seem to mind.  I hope you two stay friends for a long time.


Dear Perry The World's Most Annoying Neighbor:

Yep, you're likely the only one who doesn't call yourself that.  Just so you know.


Dear Blog Friends:

Have  good weekend, and thanks for reading!  Hope you get in a lot of knitting, reading, cooking, exercising, or whatever makes you happy.  I'm hoping to actually spend some time outside willingly, since the weather is supposed to be pleasant.  YAY!


Nance said...

I remain ever firm in my resolve NOT to be on social media in any form. Thanks for the reinforcement.

And I ended a long-term friendship partially because of the cellphone thing. It was always a third, uninvited, and very obnoxious guest. Who was, apparently, way more important and wonderful than I was.

Have a great COOLER, DRIER weekend!

Araignee said...

Social media is so much better when you play free and loose with the block button.

Vera said...

Cheers to a great weekend! Nice letters Bridget!

Dee said...

Have a great weekend. Hope you and Hamlet get a nice, cool weekend for a long, long walk around town.

AsKatKnits said...

I am chuckling at your letters - especially your most annoying neighbor one - we have one of those also!

Have a great weekend!

Kim in Oregon said...

I'm so glad Hamlet has a buddy!
Yesterday I unfollowed a lot of people on Twitter. IT's not that they were complainers, it's just that they kept retreating complainers, and I'm tired of that. It felt good, all that unfollowing!

Shirley said...

I love all these letters and got a chuckle from each. I really identify with the first one the most. It amazes me that people stand in line to be checked out and then almost seem surprised that they need to provide cash, check or credit card. Me - I have my credit card in my hand ready to swipe and move on. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy being outside. The cooler temperatures and lower humidity are predicted to be moving in after the storms overnight. I cannot wait to be outside without melting.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

With you 100% on social media. I have no idea why people spend so much time getting into arguments with other people. Or complaining that they saw something they disagree with. I know several people who I swear, are actively looking for arguements online. What a waste of time and energy!

The weather is beautiful here now, I hope it's the same for you and it lasts all weekend!

karen said...

I love your letters and YES to the social media one :) Oliver sounds awesome!!

KSD said...

Heartily, HEARTILY agree with all your sentiments here. Even about the neighbor I don't know!

kathy b said...

This was a great post in many many ways. Social media sucks the time away. I have to limit my time. Summers rushing by and i don't need my face in a phone

Mereknits said...

You made me smile. I think I have quite a few letters to write, it has been a difficult week. Hope you have a wonderful week.