30 January 2023

FO Post: Last Year, Three Weeks To The Day

Hello, here's another Monday getting us into the week. This one however, has two things going for it for me. First, the Philadelphia Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl!!! They won their conference championship game yesterday, which was nice enough to be on TV for the most part after I got home from my Sunday shift at the yarn store. Second, for the first time since the end of October, Monday is my own day again! I was filling in on Mondays for a friend who had knee replacement surgery, and she is back at work today, so my schedule goes back to three days a week instead of four. I didn't really mind it, in that it wasn't a true hardship for me to work an extra day, but I like having Monday to myself.

Also, today on this Monday, I have a finished project to share. I know I showed you this picture a little while ago:

This was my New Year's Eve cast on, and I was enjoying knitting the colorful stripes. Well, I finished them on January 21, 2023, which was exactly three weeks since I started knitting them.

Project: Last Year's Socks
Pattern: Plain vanilla sock pattern that I generally use
Yarn: Advent 2022 Serendipity Sock Yarn, in the colorway Sweet Shop, from the Freckled Whimsy; the cuffs, heels, and toes are leftover Hedgehog Fibre Sock in the Budgie colorway
Needles: US size 0 (9-inch circulars)
Modifications: I decided to do a ribbed heel flap, which is not my usual go-to heel, but I just felt like trying it. We'll see how much I do/do not like it.

So my last cast-on for 2022 has become my first FO of 2023, and I feel like that's a good start to things.

I was going to cast on another pair of socks right away, but The Tim informed me that he lost one of his "most favorite" fingerless gloves that I knit for him a couple of years back, and could I knit him another pair? At first I thought, well, I'll make them as a Valentine's gift, but then I thought why give myself a deadline, so I'll start them when I start them, and finish them when I finish them. He has other ones in the meantime to use, it's just that he liked this particular pair the most. So I'm willing to get them going right away, but not kill myself finishing them in record time ...

In other news, my Christmas cactus is still going strong:

For a plant that has done nothing for years, it's taking a good old time making sure to bloom for as long as possible, which really makes me happy. I figure I should enjoy it while I can, because who knows when it will decide to grace us with flowers again?? 😊

And that's it for the news from here on the last Monday in January. Today I have to pick up a couple of prescriptions, stop at the store to get some more milk, and decide what to fix for dinner. Which leaves lots of knitting time, and I'm definitely not complaining about that. (Especially after last week, which turned out to be a real sh*tshow.)

I hope your week starts well, and keeps up with good stuff. Take care.


Araignee said...

Woo hoo to the Eagles!!! I don't watch football but I am in a family football pool and they gave me a win last night. I'm still way down the line but a win is a win.
I do love those advent socks. I really need to get some of that yarn next year. Everyone was making them and they really are some great stripes which is always my favorite for socks.

Kim in Oregon said...

Enjoy your Monday!

I'm very happy for your Eagles and I'm also happy for the KC Chiefs. I think it will be a great Super Bowl!

Kym said...

I love your stripey socks, Bridget! The colors are so cheering -- and I'll bet you'll feel good every time you pull them on. I hope you'll report back on the ribbed heel flap. I've never seen one of those before, so I'm curious about how you like it. I thought of you when I heard about the Eagles. :-) Enjoy your week! XO

karen said...

those are super cute socks!! And while I currently live in 'steeler nation' I will happily say 'go eagles!!'