21 March 2023


Hello, everyone! First of all, thank you so very much for all of the kind birthday wishes. I had a wonderful day, and The Tim and the kitties made sure the evening was just perfect. 

So today is the first full day of spring here in the northern hemisphere, and for now at least the sun is out and the day promises to be a bright one. Which is nice, because I think the rest of the week is predicted to be rainy, ugh.

I saw these lovely daffodils on my walk the other day:

I love daffodils - not just because they are my birth month flower, but because they always look happy to me. I know I posted a photo in February of our daffodils coming up, which was disturbing because it was way too early for them. But these guys had the right idea, and waited to show up, and I just had to stop and take a picture.

So what are your plans for spring? I don't have any specific plans, aka a list, but I do want to start working on cleaning up our garden and making sure the plants are doing OK. I want to plan the next few knitting projects, since I am very close to finishing the cardigan that has taken forever! But I am not casting on another thing until it's completely done - I don't want a shiny thing to distract me when I'm so close. I know there are some other things rattling around in my brain for springtime, but the ones mentioned are those at the front of the brain.

And the aforementioned cardigan? Well, both sleeves are done, and yesterday I started the neckline/button bands (thankfully it doesn't actually have buttons), so really and truly, I'm close to the end. My hard deadline I've given myself is to have it completed by the end of March, but I may even have it before then. It will be nice to have it ready for the fall.

Yesterday Alfie had his first visit with our vet. It was just a wellness check so they could meet him and get an idea of any issues, etc. before we have to take him in at the end of May/beginning of June for his shots. He was not overly pleased about the carrier, but once out of it in the exam room, he was very busy looking around, and trying to get both the vet and the tech to cuddle him. He has to lose 1.5 pounds, but otherwise the vet was pleased with how well he seems to be. Fortunately when we got home, he seemed to forget about the indignity of the carrier altogether. 😉

So enjoy your first day of spring, and I hope you find something that will make you smile.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Love the daffodils. Mine are still a few weeks away, but the snowdrops are coming up now

Kim in Oregon said...

We no longer have cats but I clearly remember the challenge of the cat carrier. We had to put the carrier on it's end and then kind of drop a cat into it. Quite the insult! Glad that Alfie had a positive vet experience. Not sure how to get a cat to lose some weight when you have multiple cats!

Araignee said...

Happy spring! I can't believe how long my daffodils have lasted this year. The early bloom and the cold blast really kept them at their peak. They are still going strong.
My plans for spring have been upended a bit. Son just asked me to replace a cardigan I knit for him years ago that he wears at work. Of course it's in fingering weight and all gray. He's a pretty big guy so this is going to be one boring slog that I couldn't say no to. I can't even blog bitch about it because he reads my blog faithfully.

KSD said...

There were daffodils areound town here a couple of weeks ago. I think our recent freeze-warning-nights got most of them.

Dee said...

Glad Alfie's vet visit went well.

We spent almost the whole day outside today. It was glorious!

Kym said...

Happy Spring, Bridget! I have many, many plans for spring (once it finally arrives here . . . ), and can't wait to get out in my garden again. (There is so much to do out there, but it's still too early for most of it.) So glad Alfie got through his Adventure In The Cat Carrier! I'm sure he charmed the vet and staff! XO