06 December 2006

Just for Yule!

This past Monday, I walked up to the post office to mail a few things and buy holiday stamps for the Christmas cards we are sending. Among the mailed items was my package to my Holiday Swap Pal, at Knit the Classics. When I told this Yuletide Woodsman that he was headed to Canada, he was pretty darn happy.
This pattern is from Countrywool, and it's both a fun thing to knit, and a quick thing. Even for me, one of the world's slowest knitters, I had the knitting done in a few hours. If you can use double-pointed needles, you can knit a Yuletide Woodsman! The kit comes with enough to make several. I bought the kit a few years back, and made one for our tree. Every year, when I get ours out with our other decorations, I always think, "I should make some of these to go with gifts next year." Then I immediately see the shiny things for the tree, and completely forget that I ever even had a conversation with myself about it ...

So this year, I signed up for the Holiday Swap, and then thought, YIKES!, what will I knit for my swap partner?? Because at the time, I was still working on the vest for Tim. Then I remembered that I had the kit, and I'm really pretty pleased with how he turned out.

And who knows, maybe in another 5-10 years, I'll think to knit another one or two ...

In the meantime, this one is on its way!

Christmas countdown:
19 days to go!


Carol said...

How cute! I gotta knit something for the tree. This is the about the 3rd year in 25, that I did not make ornaments. I'm getting old or lazy, maybe both;)

mary said...

The Woodsman is darling! I followed your link to the web site and I like the tiny little sweater and hat also but your Woodsman is the best. Thanks for the good idea.

Bridget said...

Mary, you are right, there are a lot of neat things at the Countrywool website, but like you, I liked the Woodsman best.

Someday, I really *will* knit more than one at a time ... they are fun, since you watch it all take shape as you go along from bottom to top!