27 December 2006

Top Ten Best Things of 2006

Both knit-wise and otherwise ...

10. The end of spring semester. I taught an online class from January to May, and though I didn't mind the work, and I really liked the extra money, I ended up hating all but about two of my students. (And honestly, I don't think they were too crazy about me either ...)

9. The end of the summer. Because it was just too hot, too much, too long. I live through summer so I can get to the other seasons.

8. My 50th birthday. I really looked forward to it, and enjoyed celebrating it. Plus, the alternative to getting older sucks.

7. Working part-time at Rosie's. Because, duh, it's a YARN STORE, and I really have learned so much. I feel a lot more confident in my knitting abilities now.

6. Knitting a vest for Tim for his 50th birthday. I had not knitted a piece of clothing for such a long time, and it turned out really well. I don't have a picture to post yet (Carol, I'm sure you'll want to chime in here!), but it's coming.

5. Getting a new great-nephew, Zachary Patrick, born in February.

4. My niece Liz's wedding.

3. My niece Amanda's wedding.

2. The holidays.

1. No surgical procedures. Not one. Not even the suggestion of one. Now that's a good year in and of itself!!

A Funny Story About Kwanzaa ...

I posted a Happy Kwanzaa message yesterday, which certainly did cause me to receive e-mails from amused people who know me. Not because I am anti-Kwanzaa normally, but because I never used to realize so many people took it so seriously.

Anyway, a few years ago, Tim was working as a permanent substitute teacher for a 5th grade class in the Philadelphia public schools. He really liked it, and the kids in his class, who were all African-American, seemed to really like him as their teacher. Throughout the school year, he would try to spend some time when a holiday came up, talking about it to the kids, regardless of how big or small a celebration it was. When it came time for the Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa trifecta, he was talking about each one of them separately. They had finished discussing Hanukkah and Christmas, and one of the kids raised his hand and said, "Mr. C., tell me - what is the deal with Kwanzaa??" So there he was, a lily white middle-aged guy, explaining Kwanzaa ... we still get a charge out of this.

A Fun Day in Yarnalot (aka Philadelphia)

Today my friend Sharrie, who lives in the 'burbs, came in to the city, as we had planned a Yarn Loop of Philadelphia. Well, OK, not all of Philadelphia, but there are three yarn stores within walking distance of one another in Center City. We had decided about a month ago, that we would make the day about visiting each shop, as well as having lunch. (It's probably not too far off the mark to say we were looking forward to the lunch part as much as the other part ...)

We started at Rosie's, where I bought some pretty Noro yarn to use in a shawl/wrap that I am planning to knit with some wool boucle Black Bunny yarn and some red yarn for a scarf for the Red Scarf Project; and, Sharrie bought some pretty oatmeal/tweedy yarn to make a scarf for her sister.

Then we headed to Loop, where we did a lot of oohhing and ahhhing over the cashmere and alpaca yarns they had in stock. Sharrie bought one of the portable Yarn Requirements guides, and I got carried away with some Lorna's Laces yarn to make a pair of Wisconsin Winter Socks. (I would have been fine had they not had a sample sock knitted!) Ordinarily I would not have bought the yarn, but there were two reasons I felt I should get it (besides the fact that I loved the colors): 1) When I left the house, Tim said - and I quote - "Be sure to get some yarn-y things, since I didn't get you any for Christmas," and 2) I am going to try my best to follow the guidelines for the Knit From Your Stash 2007 project. So you understand that I had to buy it today, right??

Then we stopped for veggie burgers and fries at Devil's Alley, which is one of my faves, and a place Sharrie had never tried. Yum. We had a great time at lunch, and though it was somewhat crowded, we had a great waiter, and did not get rushed through our lunch.

Now that we had relaxed a bit, we headed over to Sophie's Yarns, where I bought a ball of Karabella Aurora 8 in a burgundy color to knit something Fetching. Then it was time to head home for me, and back to the car for Sharrie.

SO much better than a day at work ...


Anonymous said...

Well, I went out with Clive Owen to the Eagle Diner for pie and coffee. Hah. ;)

(Nothing to see here, folks, move along.)

Happy December 27th. :)

Carol said...

Oooo Show the yarn please! Sounds like a great day to me!

teabird said...

I second the request to see the yarn... Next time I venture to Philadelphia, I'll have to try that veggie restaurant!
I enjoyed the yarn loop, vicariously...

teabird said...

one more list... I've tagged you for 6 weird things about myself...