05 January 2007

Show and Tell

OK kids, after several people requested pictures of the yarn bought in last week's Yarn Loop with my friend Sharrie, I thought I would post these photos due to popular demand:

The one on the left here is Alchemy Haiku yarn, in the colorway called Forest Waltz. This is not the yarn I originally bought, but it is the one I originally chose! But I let myself get talked into a very pretty Noro yarn. My plan was to use it with the wool boucle Black Bunny yarn I bought in the color Lettuce, and make a small shawl or wrap, on big needles. Anyway, I came home with the Noro, and though I did like it, I just didn't like it as much with the Lettuce as I did the Forest Waltz yarn. So I took it back and exchanged it. Which shows that you should probably stick with your first thought ...

Now, these lovelies are Lorna's Laces, in the Mixed Berries colorway, wound into center-pull balls. The smaller one is Shephard Sock, and the other is Shephard Worsted weight yarn. The pattern, Wisconsin Winter Socks, calls for one strand of each per sock. The sample sock in the store was a different colorway, but it was so pretty, and felt so soft and cozy, I thought it would be a great pair of socks for around the house this winter.

Of course, if the winter continues like this, I'll just wait until next year ... maybe it will drop down to, oh I don't know, 30 degrees!

The other yarns I bought, I hope to show once they have become completed projects. And believe it or not, that actually has a chance of happening before 2008 begins ...

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Carol said...

Great colors! Try here for warm weather. 80s, 80s and 80s-blahhh!!!!
I'm ready to pack it up and move to Iceland or something. Actually, Oregon will do.;)