10 June 2007

The Absence of Humility

Today I am bragging about myself, so if you don't want to hear about the amazing [non-knitting] thing I have accomplished, please direct your blog reading elsewhere (I'm looking at you, Anonymous).

Earlier this morning, I calculated my activity totals from last week for my weekly Runagogo tally. As you may recall, the idea is to cover 100 miles running/walking/bicycling/whatever, between April 1 and July 4. When I added things up today, my total was 102.13 miles!! And there are still a few weeks to go! I have to tell you that I am very proud of myself. There were a couple of times that I thought I may have gotten a little carried away, signing myself up for it, but honestly, it wasn't as difficult as I was expecting it to be. I didn't include my walk back and forth every day to work, since that is part of my regular routine. And I didn't count when I went shopping, or something like that, since those things included some down time, when I was not actually in motion. So those slightly more than 100 miles were strictly devoted to Runagogo! I have decided to keep count until the 4th of July, to see what my grand total will be.

Ready to go!

I finally received the final item I wanted to include in the package for my KTS3 swap pal, so I got everything organized, and will mail the box to Finland tomorrow. I love sending packages as much as receiving them, so I've had a good time getting things together for my partner, Anne. Hopefully the contents of the package will please her. I have also gotten a few more packages of goodies ready to send to others. I had gotten a couple of people some souvenirs from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival last month, and at last have gotten my act together to get them ready to send. I also have another knitting-related package to send, but am not saying any more about it, so the recipient will be surprised.

What was I thinking???

As you can see from the sidebar, I have signed up for the Book Awards Challenge. Because apparently, I think I have time to read twelve additional books between July 1 of this year, and June 30 of next year. I love to read, so I actually believe I can do this. And I have also decided that since this blog has a literary title, I can write about what I read here. (OK, I do that anyway. Wanna make something of it????) I have already made a first draft list of my picks, but want to think about it a little more. Once I have my final list, I'll post it here, so that you can a) be jealous of my high-minded literary aspirations, b) mock me for thinking I can read such a list, or c) complain about that instead of cat pictures.

Second Wave Clapotis KAL

Wow! I really got a lot of takers for a Clapotis KAL in the fall! I have to admit that I was happy to realize that there were actually others on the planet who had not knit one ... In a shameless show of self-promotion, Carol wrote that it would work well for her, giving her some time to dye yarns perfect for Clapotis knitting! But I will also admit that I am happy to enable others to buy her yarns, not just because they are beautiful, but because she is the best. (And when push comes to shove, I don't really like that many people!)

Anyway, I'll get myself organized, and choose a random start date, and let all of the people who contacted me know what it is, so if they really do want to knit along, they can. It could be a lot of fun, I think.

The Odunde Festival

Today is the Odunde Festival, held annually in our neighborhood. Since we have moved here, it seems to get bigger (and I hope better) every year. Though today I must admit it is strangely quiet. Usually we can smell the barbecue and hear the music. But I think it is likely just as crowded, since I have seen scores of people heading in that direction, and the usual blocking off of streets is in effect. I have gone a few times to look around, but it is way too crowded for me! I like the idea of it, though, and am glad it's in our neighborhood, because it gives our little corner of Philadelphia something special.

World Wide Knit in Public Day

Yesterday was World Wide Knit in Public Day. We spent the day at the shore, and I don't take my knitting with me when we go there, so it won't get sandy or greasy (from the massive amounts of sunscreen I wear).

I know others participated, particularly in Dublin. I wouldn't mind knitting in that setting sometime as St. Stephen's Green and the Summer House were among my favorite things during our trip to Ireland ...


teabird said...

Clapotis - here we come! You know I'm in. You know I will want some of Carol's yarns to knit it. You know you are an enabler, right?

Kerry said...

Congrats on passing the 100 mile mark!!! You should be very proud of yourself for a job well done!

Carol said...

Hey, that photo of KIP day: you're the second from the left, right? I'd recognize those knees anywhere.

P.S. Wha'? No kitty photos?

Carol said...

Cool! Is that a pic of your knitting group? ;) I think I recognize 2 of those women. OK, that was mean, but now you're plenty fit to kick me into next week-congrats on the mileage!

Liz K. said...

Um, I was just a-wonderin' where the cat pictures wuz, between all this talk of walkin' and readin' and stuff and all...it's a-making my head hurt!

Anonymous said...

You go, friend!!! VERY proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Saturday was world wide knit in public day??? GRRR! I missed it.

And yes, YAY you! Passed the mark with weeks to spare! That is really something.

Blogs should never be specific to one thing. Who thought up that rule? It makes me crazy.

Clapotis this fall sounds like fun, I can't wait. I'm not joining any more reading challenges....no matter how hard it's going to be......

Coffespaz said...

Congrats on passing the 100 mile mark, especially so early. Good on you!!

What is the Odunde festival? Though I totally commiserate with you on the crowds!!

I think the book goal is a good one to. If I understood you correctly, 12 books in a year isn't really that much. Of course, that's from the person who has been reading the same book for about two months now because I pick it up and put it down so much that I have to go back a few pages just to figure out where I am in the story! Ha!

mary said...

Congratulations on the 102 miles!I'm impressed. And I will be looking forward to seeing your list of 12 books. I might try a few of them, not sure I can keep up with you but I'd like to see your list. I think it will be impressive.

I have not knit a Clapotis. I think I would join...I have too many wish-list projects but there is a lovely Clapotis at my LYS and every time I see it I think I want to make one.

Anonymous said...

You *are* going to read "Lolita" aren't you?

the wicked witch of the east said...

ask her what her reading material was for her honeymoon...(HA!)...just when i thought bridget couldn't become more of a tree-hugging hippie...but i guess it's cool if it gets her off her lazy duff...;)