01 June 2007

One weekend later ...

Hard to believe, but I really had nothing to say this week - about knitting! (I pretty much always have something to say about everything else ...) I did, however, think about knitting, read lots of knitting blogs, and actually get back to knitting, so all was not lost.

One thing that has stuck with me all week was Liz's photo/posting of her completed Clapotis. Wow. I've seen lots of pictures of these, knitted by various people, and they have all looked quite nice, but this one just really hit me. I am pretty sure that I am one of the few people left in the knitting universe who has not made one, but I may have to give it a try ... if nothing else, so that when I am finished, I could say "Zut alors!", which is my very favorite French exclamation.

Also this week, I've had the chance to get to know Anne better, through a couple of e-mail exchanges. She is my swap partner for the Knitters Tea Swap 3, and she lives in Finland. Her blog is written in both Finnish and English. (Zut alors!) I find this both fascinating and amazing, though it also reminds me of my continued frustration with the American way of learning, which in some places now does not even require a year of study of another language. Anyway, I am beginning to feel that I've made a new friend, which is always nice, and I've been getting even more ideas of what I would like to add to her package.

Speaking of swaps, last weekend I showed you the yarn I decided to use for my Sockapalooza 4 pal's socks. I actually started to knit them this week, and so far, I'm pleased with the way they look. (I don't have a picture at the moment, but once I have worked on them a little bit more, I'll take one.) The yarn looks even more like a lemons and limes combination to me than it did in the ball!

Non-knitting-related, I have also been intrigued for a couple of days about the post on Tea Reads about e-books. It's an interesting topic, if you are a book-lover at all. Personally, I spend a lot of time at work looking at a computer screen, and at home, I check e-mail, read blogs, write on this blog, and poke around for things online. That's more than enough time spent looking at computer screens for me. So give me a printed book every time! I'm not saying that I would never look at an e-book - but I can't think of a reason why, if I'm reading a book for my own purposes, I would want to read a digital version. I like printed books, and maybe it's because I'm not part of a generation that started with computers as a child, but I find books infinitely more pleasing aesthetically than even the sleekest computers.

And, finally, our trip to Avalon last weekend went very well. Traffic both ways was reasonable, the beach wasn't crowded, and we came back the same color we were when we left. (Meaning, we didn't have lobster red splotches on our bodies where we missed putting on sunscreen. That hardly ever happens!) We bought beach passes for the season, so now we must go back. I guess it will just be our cross to bear this summer ... oh well.


Carol said...

E-books cannot replace for me the elemental joy of: the smell of a new book. Aaaah.

Liz K. said...

{{Waving hello!}}

It must be the Black Bunny Yarn + Avalon Photo Shoot that has that clapotis on the brain. It really is a lovely wrap.

Knitterary said...

I've never made a clapotis, either, but I may have to now that I know you get to say, "Zut alors!" :D

mary said...

I am catching up on blog reading and can't believe someone complained about you talking about and posting pictures of your cats! Good Grief, what's wrong with people. It's your blog. Reminds me of people who come into work in the morning and complain about the TV show they watched the night before. If it was so bad, why did you watch it?

Sorry, didn't mean to rant :)

BTW, I haven't made a Clapotis either but I want to.

barbp said...

Chiming in with I haven't made a Clapotis either - when to find the time!!

I've been listening to books on tape for years - although nothing takes the place of the feel of a book in my hands - but it's too darn difficult to read when driving a car!! Then of course I took up knitting and the needles took the place of a book. I'm in awe of knitters who also can find the time to "read" a book as well as knit. Wish I had the organizational skills.

Glad your trip was fun and sunburn free!!

teabird said...

I've also resisted the Clapotis, and... well... maybe in the fall? I admired Liz's (coveted, actually) too.

Almost everyone who commented on my e-books post has said the same thing - nothing can replace paper.

mc78 said...

How on earth does one get on the Tea Swap? Sigh.