08 June 2007

Friday already!

This week was unusually busy for me during the evenings. Monday night was my yoga class (note to self: take a towel next time ...), Tuesday evening I cleaned the house (miracles do happen) in preparation for a guest on Wednesday. Wednesday evening said guest arrived, and we went out to dinner. Then last night, I was busy getting some packages organized to mail on Monday. It's not often that I have something specific to do every evening, so when I do, I feel completely discombobulated by the end of the week.

Anyway, it all worked out in the end. I like it when that happens.

Our guest on Wednesday was a friend and former co-worker of The Tim when they both worked at the University of Chicago Press. Joan was helping the daughter of one of her closest friends move into an apartment in preparation for entering the graduate nursing program at the University of Pennsylvania in July. (As it turns out, the daughter was moving into an apartment about 3 blocks from us, which is just one of those weird coincidences - you know, "of all the gin joints in the world," etc.) A few years ago, Joan decided that she was burned out working in publishing full-time, and left that job. She took a class in photography, and didn't just enjoy the class, but became totally hooked on it! She has been taking more classes, and recently launched her own website. I love looking at photographs, and she has some pretty cool ones. We had a great evening, as even the weather cooperated, while we walked around after dinner, showing her some of the sights, and stopping for dessert at Rita's Water Ice (everything goes well when a trip to Rita's is involved). Hopefully she'll make another trip to Philadelphia sometime and we can catch up some more.

Thank you

... for all of the nice comments on my Lemon-Lime Socks! I haven't made much progress since posting the photo (see above for excuse/reason), but will likely get the leg of sock #1 finished this weekend, and cast on sock #2. I think that working with handpainted yarn is addictive, because the way the colors will work is unpredictable. So you keep thinking that you'll just do a little bit more knitting to see what happens next - and all of a sudden, you've practically finished a section! I'm really having fun with this pair, and cannot wait to see the final product. I will admit that when a friend referred to them in the comments as "Sprite Socks," I was sorta confused. I kept thinking "Why does she think they look like socks for a sprite?" and then realized she meant Sprite, the lemon-lime soda. (Yep, mind like a steel trap ...)

Stupid joke

Ever since I saw a sign on my way home today that said "Wet Paint," I haven't been able to get this stupid old joke out of my head. As misery loves company, I'm sharing it with you.

Two morons were walking down the street, and saw a sign that said "Wet Paint." So they did.

I'm here all weekend, folks, tell your friends ...


Anonymous said...

Tell the one about the Talking Muffin! The TALKING MUFFIN!

the wicked witch of the east said...

as much as i love the talking muffin...nothing beats the "2 black eyes" joke...i use it as an ice-breaker at social functions.

teabird said...

I don't know the Talking Muffin or the 2 Black Eyes. Please share!

Anonymous said...

Your Lemon Lime socks are cute!

So after all the bustling and company, did you get out of your reading malaise?

I don't know those two either. But is the Wet Paint an indication? But yes, cute. And now I must go share it.....