03 June 2007

Lemon-Lime Socks

Here for your viewing pleasure, is the first in the pair of socks for my Sockapalooza 4 pal.

They remind me even more of lemons and limes than the yarn in the ball did. I'm just using a basic sock pattern, so the only thing going on here is the yarn changing colors and patterns. So far, the yarn is great to work with, not splitty or knotted at all. I have about 2 more inches to go on the leg, at which point I will put this one down, and start the second one, to the point of the bottom of the leg. When I have a choice, I like to knit both socks at the same time. That way, when one sock is finished, I know that only the toe or whatever is left to do on the second one. (BTW, having a choice means that a pair takes two balls of yarn. 'Cause I am too lazy to divide a large ball or skein ...)

Today has been very productive, knitting and otherwise. I took a nice, long bicycle ride this morning, giving myself a little over 8 miles to add to my Runagogo total, which is now somewhere around 86 miles! Then I headed out to run some errands, including getting the things I wanted to include in the package for my KTS3 pal. I have all but two things I want to send to her, and one should arrive in the mail this week, and the other I should be able to pick up this week. Meaning that I may be able to send her package at the end of this week, or the beginning of next week, which is nice, since the mailing deadline is June 15.

I was also able to get another ball of Encore in the burgundy shade to finish the Gryffindor beret I'm making for the Charmed Knits KAL. I ran out of yarn right about halfway through the pattern a couple of weeks ago, and this is the first chance I had to buy more. Ideally, they would like something with more wool in it, but Encore is what I had available, so Encore is what they are getting ... I may have enough now to make one more hat once the beret is finished, which would be nice.

The rest of today will be spent finishing up laundry and paying some bills. Things that fall into the category of dull but necessary.


According to the comments, I am not the only person who has not knit a Clapotis. I have decided that I will tackle it in the fall. This is because a) I need to finish up my summer projects, and b) I need to think about it for a while before I start. If anyone wants to knit-along with me, let me know. We can be the Second Wave Clapotis knitters ... :-)

Notes on a Scandal

We watched this over Memorial Day weekend. Wow. Judi Dench in particular is pretty amazing in this movie. Her character reminded me of Francis Urqhart in House of Cards, on Masterpiece Theater some years back. I think it must be fun when you get a role like that, and really revel in the evil of the character. I recommend it if you have not already seen it.

May Book Report

I am afraid that the May book report is non-existent. I started about 3 different books during May, and didn't manage to get even halfway through any of them. I think it was related to the whole malaise thing ... but, like my knitting, I'm also back to reading, so I hope to report on my June reading by the end of the month.


Tomorrow evening is my second yoga class (we didn't have class last Monday, because it was Memorial Day). I have attempted to do some of the poses in the interim, but I haven't had much success. Oh well, isn't that why I'm taking the class??


teabird said...

If you decide to do a fall Clapotis knitalong, I'll join you!

Those socks are utterly beautiful. I'm not usually fond of that color combination, but these will be wonderful socks. What a lucky sockapalooza pal you have!

Anonymous said...

I'm also one of the few non-Clapotis knitters. I'd love to join you in a Clapotis knitalong.

Love your socks. I finally picked yarn for mine and hope to cast on next week. What fun!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Dame Judi. . . We just visited her in "Iris." Splendid. And, I hear, hard to beat in a bar fight.

Maureen said...

Second Wave of Clapotis sounds like a great idea! I too have never made one and would be game to try in the fall.

Romi said...

Oooooooooh! My favorite colors!

Knitterary said...

Sure, I'd be up for a second wave clapotis kal. Fall would be perfect.

Liz K. said...

I've been in something of a reading malaise lately too. Not a good way to start the summer, eh?

Ann said...

With the yoga, it's the process. Just breathe and focus. And I think I may be up for a Capotis in the the fall ... Liz's did me in too.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I am coveting those Sprite socks. And if you would invest in Rodney Yee's "A.M. Yoga" his...ahem...package would encourage your flexibility in no time.

Carol said...

Oh, I love Rodney Yee. So ... flexible in his skimpy tight pants. Yay Yee!

p.s. yes, Bridget, a clap-along just in time for me to dye up some wool/silk a la Liz...

N. Maria said...

Uh, oh! I had never heard of a clapotis until I looked at it. Count me in as I, too, would love to do a KAL beginning September or so.
I love your lime/yellow socks!
PS~Thank you for the nice comment. :)

barbp said...

I love your lemon lime socks! I have not done Clapotis yet either.