02 June 2015

A Tuesday Post, But Not That One ...

I was going to try to participate in today's Ten on Tuesday, with the topic being The First 10 Songs That Play on Your Favorite Pandora Station.  Fun, right?

Except that I have started four different times, trying to note the songs, and each time I get distracted and pet one of the cats, think about pie, wonder how close I am to the end of my current book ... well, you get the picture.  Apparently I do not have a decent attention span at the moment, so no playing along this week.

However, I do have something to share with you, for any that are interested.  I know I have mentioned here that I have another blog.  I think I have about four or five regular readers (two of them even comment regularly!), and I wrote a post the other day that seemed to strike a nerve.  Two people sent me private e-mails about it, and being that I think I have eight to ten regular readers here,* I decided to go ahead and share it. 

Take a look, and if you are inclined, tell me what you think.  

*I know there are more, and I thank all of you! :-)


Bonny said...

I'm glad to read your well-written words, as I share your perspective, but often feel alone in this view. My neighbor has offered to take me to her manicurist and hair stylist many times, and seems appalled when I tell her that hair color and manicures are just not worth it for me. My hair probably would look better if I colored it, but I choose not to spend $$$ doing that; I'd rather spend the money on yarn and books. I spend a lot of time digging in the dirt, so manicures would just be throwing money away. I can respect that other women may make beauty choices that differ from mine, but like you, I think most of us are lucky enough to make these choices and we should take responsibility for them. Thank you for sharing your post!

Chris said...

Great post! Well said!

Mereknits said...

I so agree with you Bridget, actually the older I get the less I care about what I look like. I left you a huge message on your other blog.

Araignee said...

I couldn't agree more. I am a product of the 60's and we all did our own thing. I never got the itch to be anything other than what I wanted to be. I don't shave, wax or pluck. I don't paint or dye. I eat what I want and only exercise if it's something fun. The only fashion statement I make is when my Crocs match my apron. Do I think I'm beautiful? Who cares. I never think about it. I'm too busy doing cool stuff.

Kym said...

Thanks for sharing, Bridget. I will admit to getting caught up in the whole wanting-a-boyfriend-and-trying-to-look-good Rat Race as a young girl. It took another 30 years for me to escape. (Because it wasn't me, and I knew it, but didn't know how to break free.) The older I get, the more FREE I get -- about my looks and my preferences and . . . stating them. I wish I had gotten that message as a girl. (I didn't.) I'm sort of making up for it now! Thanks for speaking your truth. XO

elns said...

"I get distracted and pet one of the cats, think about pie, wonder how close I am to the end of my current book ... "

Haha, how funny are you?

I just wish I didn't have to keep explaining to you that cake is better than pie ;)

Loved the post. Think for yourself. Crap, just think. :)