12 June 2015

The Good, The Bad, The Annoying

Let's see what is going on with me.

The Good:  I am off work until Wednesday of next week.
The Bad:  It's too hot and humid today to go outside unless you have to.
The Annoying:  I was told I had no vacation at all for this fiscal year, after my surgery last year.  Then I got a message Tuesday, saying that I would lose 5 accrued days if I didn't take them by June 30.  But of course, everyone else had planned their vacations.  So I have these days, plus a day next week.  This after a year of trying to get someone in HR to give me details of whether or not I had time off at all.

The Good:  Pip is home from the animal hospital, and feeling better.
The Bad:  He was at the Veterinary Hospital of the U of Pennsylvania for four days last week for a urethral blockage.  
The Annoying:  He is no longer friends with me since I am the one giving him his medications. 

The Good:  The Tim only has to be at work until 2:00 today, and is off tomorrow.
The Bad:  I have a dr appt at 4:40, so I can't just simply hang out with him when he gets home.
The Annoying:  My appt was originally set for a few weeks ago, in the a.m., but a co-worker said she would be out.  I switched it, and of course she was there that day.  Now I'll be lucky if I get home by 6:00 p.m. tonight.

The Good:  Tomorrow is World Wide Knit in Public Day.
The Bad:  It's supposed to be miserably hot and humid.
The Annoying:  Due to the weather and the fact that my elbow has been bothering me lately if I knit for more than 5 minutes, I'll miss the get-together.

The Good:  I have managed to get myself back into exercising regularly, even if not doing heavy-duty workouts yet.
The Bad:  I've lost so much of the progress I'd made over the past couple of years.
The Annoying:  I have to break down and get a new exercise mat, since Pip did a MAJOR pee on my current one this morning.  It soaked in to the foam, which is old and crumbling anyway.

I'm sure I could go on, but the important thing is that I know that I am lucky and that there are many more good things in my life that I could list than there are bad.  Though I think that sometimes it makes the bad/annoying things seem even worse than they are.  I mean, look at the list above - I have nothing to really complain about, right?

I hope you are able to find the good things as well.  Have a lovely weekend, and stay cool!


Araignee said...

Fabulous post! I could relate to everything especially the blankety blank weather. I hate these tropical depressions or whatever they are called. Being stuck inside for the duration is miserable. Everyone is in a bad mood. It's going to be a long weekend....

Lorette said...

Ah, HR loveliness. I'm glad you're looking on the bright side.

If you want some nice weather come visit me. It was in the high 80s last weekend, but not humid, and it's all the way up to 62 today. Our flipping furnace came on this morning.

Mereknits said...

You are lucky, we all are but it is still nice to have friends you can talk to about the things that are annoying, that is what friends are for.

Lorraine said...

Bridget- Aside from the cat pee mat, not too much to grumble about.

Kym said...

So sorry about the "bads" and the uglies" . . . but the "goods" are really good! :-)

elns said...

I like how tidy the list is. You've got perspective about it all and seem to be managing the multiple annoyings.:)

I hope everything goes well and your elbow feels better soon so you can at least knit some more happy.

You have a great weekend, too!