16 June 2015

Happy Bloomsday! and ... Ugh! Summer!

First and foremost:

Happy Bloomsday!

We are planning to have the same lunch that Stephen Dedalus enjoys in Ulysses, so the gorgonzola cheese, rye bread, and white wine are waiting ...


Then on to this week's Ten on Tuesday, with the topic of "10 Things on Your Summer Bucket List."  Since a bucket list to me implies things I must do before I die, I'm just going to list 10 Things I Hope To Do This Summer.  I don't want to think about dying, as I have enough stress right now as it is, you know?

Unlike most people in the universe, summer is my least favorite season.  I do not like hot weather at all, and add in the humidity, and I end up with Reverse Seasonal Affective  Disorder.  Seriously.  For instance, we've had 90-degree plus days with really high humidity for the last week, and it is not even officially summer yet.  This does not bode well.

But, summer happens no matter what I think, so here are things I hope to do, in no particular order.

1.  Try not to complain as much.  I actually started to consciously try this last year, and did pretty well.  So I'm gonna try again this year.

2.  Go "down the shore" (Philly talk for going to the beach) at least six times.  We love to go and spend the day, but it's hard for our schedules to mesh that often so it can happen.  Last year I didn't get to go at all, since my summer was pretty much taken care of with injuries and surgery, so I'm hoping to go this year.

3.  Find air conditioning whenever I can, and cool off.

4.  Get some Rita's Italian Ice, gelati, twist cones - well, you get the idea - as many times as I can.

5.  Convince The Tim to make Shrimp Summer Rolls.  One of his regular days off is Tuesday, and it's especially nice to come home from work and find that he has made these for dinner!

6.  Enjoy the concert with Diana Krall and the Philadelphia Orchestra in July.  My niece and her husband are joining us.  It should be a great concert, and a fun time.

7.  Finish at least one knitting project.  Everything I'm working on at the moment is languishing.  Surely I can finish one of them, right?

8.  Read even more.

9.  If it ever cools enough for me to be able to enjoy being outside, I'd like to get the garden cleaned up so that we can enjoy sitting out there.  We were otherwise occupied on the weekends when the weather was nice enough to do it earlier in May, so it's still waiting.

10.  DRINK COLD DRINKS.  Iced tea, lemonade, beer, wine, anything that I enjoy that is cold or frozen!

No matter what plans you do or do not have, I hope that your summer is a good one!


Bonny said...

I feel the same way about humidity, but you've got some great ways to deal with it. I think we're in the same area, so I'm looking forward to Wed. when the humidity may drop below 99%, for a day at least. It's tough knitting with hot, sticky yarn on your lap!

Donna said...

The Shore made it on my list too. I haven't been there in forever so I'm curious to see how it looks. I imagine it's changed drastically since Superstorm Sandy.

Chere Mama said...

Hee hee on #3. I hear ya!!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I also had to come to terms with the fact that it's going to be hot and sticky. Crabbing about it doesn't really make it better, so I'll take your advice- and dream of gelato.

Patty said...

We just had some yummy fresh strawberry daiquiris the other day - they will cool you off and taste delicious! Here's to coolness coming your way. ;-)

Marie said...

Your temperatures have been higher than ours lately. Wow! I had an opportunity to go to north Georgia last week, and while the weather was still hot, there are no gnats up there. What a treat! We're all about AC and cold drinks down here, too. I find sweet iced tea to be the most refreshing.

kathy b said...

Ohh sorry you don't love summer. It takes all kinds, my dear mom says. I can see how some don't enjoy it. I eat it up .. Everyday of it. I love to cool off with coffee oddly enough . Hot coffee...weird huh?

Caffeine Girl said...

I am stuck on your first goal. I really need to complain less! Especially at work. Easier said than done, huh

Araignee said...

I cracked today. I'd been hanging pretty tough in this awful weather until a monster hot flash first thing this morning set me right off. Enough with this heat. Puhleeze. What on earth did they do before AC? There's not enough gin and tonic in the world. So much for not complaining. Sorry.

Kym said...

Hope you find many pleasant ways to make it through your least-favorite season. (Diana Krall should help! She is so very great in concert!)