21 June 2016

Birds, Bugs, and Boxes of Water

Those are just a few of the topics that Kathy is asking about this week.  I decided to post this today, since I'm not participating in Ten on Tuesday this week.  Carole wanted us to list 10 Things To Do While Listening to an Audiobook, and to be honest, I only listen when I am working on a basic knitting project (no charts, counting, etc.) or when I'm wide awake and can't get to sleep easily.  So that was not gonna happen, you know?

So - onward to see what I have to say about the following questions.

1. My neighbor's trumpet vine is in bloom.  What's your preference?  Hummingbirds or butterflies?

I like hummingbirds, but I see more butterflies, so I'm going with that.

2. What's your preference - boxed water or bottled water?

I am one of the few people I know who drink tap water.  Even if for some reason I have bottled water, I'll generally refill it from the tap.  I have a container that I fill up and put in the fridge.

Every time I think of boxed water, I think of an episode of the show "Difficult People," where boxed water played a part in the overall story. It's a stupid show, about a couple of annoying and annoyed New Yorkers, and they are terrible people.  I think it's hilarious.   As I said to a friend, maybe I identify with them sometimes?

3. For next to your skin softness, do you prefer angora, cashmere, alpaca, or acrylic?

I'm not overly picky.  I hate anything itchy or too hairy.  And to be perfectly honest, the absolute softest sweater I have is a really old acrylic sweater.  So go figure.

4. Do you prefer an alcoholic drink before, during, or after dinner?

Depends on the drink.  I enjoy wine anytime.  I enjoy mimosas or bloody Marys with brunch.  But most mixed drinks I prefer after dinner (or very much before).  So ... yes? ;-)

5. What cuts into your knitting time more, others in your home or your wanderings on the Internet?

Most of the time I'm on my own, so it's usually the Internet black hole.

6. Would you rather have a snowstorm as in a blizzard, or a heat wave with violent thunderstorms?

Snowstorm/blizzard.  I like thunderstorms, but despise heat waves.  Summer and I are seldom on good speaking terms, whereas winter and I are best friends.

7. You just won an all expenses paid trip to a Fiber Festival. Would you go alone or try to bring a knit pal along?

I would ask only certain people if they wanted to come along, and if they could not, I'd happily go on my own.  For instance, when I've gone to MD Sheep and Wool in the past, it's been nice to have someone to go around with for at least part of the day.  But I also like to walk around on my own.  A few years back, I was with someone who stuck to me like glue the whole day and I was miserable.

Hm.  I didn't mean for my answers to sound so contrary ... I'm actually pretty easygoing, but I guess when you ask me for specific answers, I have a lot to say!  :-)


Anonymous said...

I think your answer to #7 is spot on for me too. I like spending time with friends, but a little time to go wander on my own is good!

Bonny said...

My answers would have been exactly the same as your answers, so they don't sound contrary to me at all!

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I drink Brita water, but see no point in packaged water. It tastes like plastic.

LOL- no 7. I like to be with people, but I also need space. Nothing wrong with that.

kathy b said...

Hey now going alone, sounds divine! Usually a group of us scatters and we meet at an appointed time to gloat over our finds!

Araignee said...

If someone goes with me to the MDSW on Saturday I always have to go back on Sunday alone. It's nice to have company but not when I'm shopping.

AsKatKnits said...

I agree with Bonny - I see nothing contrary here! Also, you and I must be the only ones left on the planet that drink tap water. Go us! (Although, after the Flint MI debacle, this might not be wise. I have started looking at our water company's testing results)

KSD said...

Summer and I gave up on one another when I was 8 or 9. If one sees the other coming, we cross to the other side of the street.