09 June 2016

Remembering to Meme

Sadly, the title of this post made me chuckle for about five minutes.  "Sadly" because it is real proof that it doesn't take much to entertain me.

But I digress.

Kathy had some good questions for us this week, and I decided I should play along. :-)

1. Do you prefer:  frozen custard; hardpack ice cream; soft serve ice cream; shaved ice; or, shaved desserts?

I would not say no to any of them.  However, my very most fave in the summer is a Rita's Water Ice Gelati.

It consists of a layer of water ice, then a layer of frozen custard, then water ice, then frozen custard ... 

2. Of all of the colors of the rainbow, which is your favorite?

Indigo.  I have accepted the fact that I am ridiculously drawn to blues.

3. How do you keep your sock needles together?

Because I have strong OCD tendencies, they are kept in their original packaging, or in a fabric roll that I have, or held together with rubber bands.

4. If you could run through a shop and pull as much of ONE yarn as you could carry, what would it be?

Hm.  Either sock yarn or rustic, tweedy yarns.  The colors/shades would matter more than the brand.

5. Are you over shawls?

No, I really like them.  It takes me forever to finish them, so I only have a few.  Maybe that is why I'm not tired of them.

6. Do your peonies open with or without ants?

I don't have a peony bush, so I guess they don't open at all for me ...

7. Want to share your favorite books as a child?

To be honest, I didn't read many kids' books as a child.  My parents didn't buy them, and I just read what was around the house.  But one year for Christmas, I did get Black Beauty and Little Women from a family friend, and I loved them (still do!).

8. Is it nothing but boring to you to knit stockinette?

I don't think I would enjoy only ever knitting stockinette, but I don't mind it as one of the choices.  I especially appreciate stockinette projects when I want to watch something on TV.

9. Are you more likely to get up early in summer or winter?

There's really no difference to me. I get up early all of the time, and there may be a difference of a half an hour one way or the other, if that.  

10. If you are disappointed with the way a yarn is pooling up, do you: a) carry on, b) mix it with a complimentary color, c) overdye it, d) give it away?

I've never given this a lot of thought, so I guess I just carry on!  Once I start knitting, I have to really hate the project or the yarn to intervene at all.

And now, I would love to have a Rita's gelati, and wear a shawl while enjoying it ... :-)


Marie said...

We have an attraction to the same types of yarn! I love sock yarn (for my go-to project of a sock-yarn scarf) and rustic, tweedy yarns (I believe it's because they make me think of the British Isles).

Araignee said...

Mmmmm....that Rita's thing looks delish!!!

elns said...

I love your answers. I am so intrigued by this Rita's thing. Tasty goodness. I was nodding my head in your rainbow response but then I said no, I mean green, no I mean ... I think I just like sock yarn colors of the rainbow ... all of them. ha!

Anonymous said...

I wish we still had Rita's around here. We have Jeremiah's. It's basically the same thing, but Rita's was a better grade of custard.

kathy b said...

Oh I want a RIta's too! THanks for playing along with the MEME> Im always tickled when you do

Vera said...

Hmmmm...I used to get Rita's all the time but never realized they had custard as well. I'm going to have to check that out -- sounds like a great combination!

karen said...

I loved getting to know you better by your answers. I don't have a peony and wish I had one....but I never liked the ants that usually go with them.