06 December 2016

November Harry's Hundred Update

Before I get too carried away with December (and God knows I do get carried away!), I wanted to give you the Harry's Hundred update for November.  It was a good month!  Not just because the items below joined so many others that people have contributed, meaning that those who need some special warmth and attention will be getting it, but because here we are with one month left in the Project, and:


I am so incredibly excited about this, and humbled that so many people - particuarly ones I will never meet in person - have participated.  People all over the U.S. and Europe!  I had hoped that at least a few people that I am in touch with on a regular basis would contribute, and *hoped* we could get close to, or at least reach 100 by the end of the year.  I am truly blown away by the thoughtfulness of people.  

So, let's take a look at the things from November that pushed up the numbers.

From Gringa Turista (Rav link), who has done so many lovely mittens and included them in Harry's Hundred, we have three more pairs:

 Blue Popcorn Mittens

 Black and Blue Mittens

 Grey Guys

From marjos (again, Rav link), in Belgium, who has been knitting for local shelters, we have So.Many.Things! (Plus, according to her profile, she has two pups, so you know she has to be a good person, right?)

 3 blankets, 1 shawl, 1 readers wrap, 1 pair fingerless mitts, 4 hats

35 hats
(I'm 99% sure I haven't knit 35 hats in my entire life, much less in one fell swoop ...)

Now I have to tell you, when I got the messages from these two people and realized they would put the Project over 100 items, I was so touched, I cried.  Because people will be getting these and they will be able to feel warm, cozy, and hopefully at least a little bit loved.  And for a lot of them, it may be the only thing making them feel that way.

That is what it's all about in the end.  Kindness and giving, without expecting personal thanks or recognition from the recipients.  Giving because you want to, not because you feel you have to.  Not worrying about who receives it, or if they'll wear it or use it the way *you* would want them to.  Real gifts.

Thank you so much!  I would like to think that Harry is smiling big in heaven, knowing that these things were donated in his name to help other people.  I know I'm smiling big right here.  :-)

Here's our tally with a month still to go:

Goal:  100
Tally so far:  124!!!!!

Now that my gift-knitting has been completed, I'm hoping to squeeze in a few more things myself, and I hope if you are so inclined, you'll do so too.

Amazing.  In the best way possible.

Happy Holidays, indeed.  :-)


Bonny said...

It does my heart good to see how far beyond 100 items you've gone. There is lots of warmth and caring there, in all those items and the crafters themselves. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on hitting 100+! Harry would be so proud!

Sandra said...

Your paragraph which begins "That's what it's all about..." really spoke to me. I have printed this and now have it in a place I can look at it daily.

Vera said...

How wonderful Bridget!!

Araignee said...

That is just amazing. When you set that goal I had my doubts but I should have known that the power of the internet multiplied by the number of wonderful blog readers would carry it through. He would have been so proud that we are still honoring the Greatest Generation. When I think of what they stood for and sacrificed it just burns me up when I think of what is happening in the world today. I had four uncles that had their boats shot out from under them in the Pacific fighting for the rights of people that they had never met in countries they had never set foot in all in the name of freedom. We need never forget.

elns said...

This is fantastic and ... FANTASTIC! I'm so happy you've already exceeded your goal. I am selfish and sad that I haven't been able to contribute. I apologize, I had best intentions. Way to go. So much good heart for a good cause in good memory.

karen said...

congrats on going over your goal! knitters are amazing people!

Judy S. said...

Nice work on reaching and exceeding your goal! I am quite sure all those cozy knitted things will be much appreciated.

handmade by amalia said...

Well done!

kathy b said...

It was an honor to be a tiny part of HH!