31 January 2017

Random Musings on the Last Day of the Month

Oh January, you've been quite the month, haven't you?  And that's without any snow or terribly cold weather (at least here in Philadelphia)!  You've still managed to keep us on our toes (or in my case, on my crutches).

Anyway, there are things floating through my brain, and I've decided that I *must* share them with you, my captive audience faithful reader friends.

*A person where I work had a baby boy.  They named him "Lennon," or so I thought.  But it turns out, they named him "Lenin," because they like the unusual spelling, and "didn't really know who it was."  OK, but this is only acceptable if you have another child and name him Stalin.

*Why do so many people obsess over the British Royal Family?  I find them rather appalling, to be honest, and also feel that they strongly resemble horses.  (Sorry if I have offended any horses.)  I guess I fail to see their purpose.

*Why do some people say, "Do you really need those crutches?"  WHO walks around with crutches if they do not have to???  Please supply names and addresses, so I can visit those people in person and smack them upside the head.

*Is/has anyone else watched "A Series of Unfortunate Events" with Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf?  We are finding it highly amusing.

*The other day, I happened to mention that one of the local oddball channels here was showing "The Honeymooners" and how it is one of my favorite shows ever.  I was told that it encourages violence against women.  Ugh (both to violence against women and to that opinion).

*Someone asked me the other day how Jack the kitten was doing, and why I don't post more pictures of him.  A) He is doing just fine, and having a grand old time.  The other day, The Tim said he thought Jack had a self-esteem problem.  I said, "Are you serious?" and he responded, "Yes.  He has TOO MUCH self-esteem."  HA!  B) It is nearly impossible go get a photo of him, as he is moving 99% of the time, and the photos turn out incredibly blurry.  Trust me, I'm trying though!

*Speaking of The Tim, why does he decide to undertake major projects all of a sudden, and then I'm suddenly supposed to drop everything and do what he needs me to do to finish it?  He does this every once in a while, and it makes me nuts.  And he can never understand why I think it's a problem.  Grrrr.

*Our dryer stopped working last week.  The Tim called to have it checked out and repaired, and fortunately it was just that the innards needed to be cleaned, because so much linty stuff was built up.  We are very conscientious about cleaning the lint trap, but I also wonder why they don't make it possible for you to get to that area of the dryer  yourself, instead of having to have a repair person come, and then pay for an expensive service call.

*Speaking of repair stuff, here in the Philadelphia area, we are bombarded with commercials about Horizon Plumbing Services.  It's all about how service-oriented they are, how clean-cut and considerate their employees are (my read: nice white men) etc., etc.  A few months ago, when we were getting a new dishwasher, and needed some plumbing work done, we called them, and the person on the phone informed us that they don't service Philadelphia itself (my read: scary city with scary people).  Their commercials have always driven me nuts anyway, but now every time I see one, I wish that kid on the commercials would have to move into the city and survive.

Please note that I am not condoning violence against children.  Maybe just this one ... and not necessarily real violence ... just perhaps pulling his chair out when he goes to sit down - you know an old-school amusing prank.

I should probably close now, before I dig a deeper hole for myself ...


Bonny said...

Yes, I'm being judgmental, but I'm not quite sure that Lenin's parents are smart enough to raise children. I sincerely hope they don't name their next son Marx. Unfortunate Events is also entertaining me this week. I wonder if "Mr. Ed" encouraged horses to talk? I know that "The Partridge Family" didn't encourage me to have 5 children and go on the road with my band.

Vera said...

Great post Bridget! The Honeymooners promoting violence towards women? Oh please.....and how can someone NOT know who Lenin was? I agree with Bonny that they may not be fit (smart) enough to raise children. And how will that child feel when he is older? I am enjoying "The Crown" and "Victoria" but that is as far as my obsession goes. It is taking us forever to watch The Crown (10 episodes) because we watch one (and only one) every two weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

I'm among those that want MORE JACK!!!!!

Truly, this has been an enlightening year for me so far. I joined a group for our part of the city (NextDoor). SERIOUSLY, I never knew there were so many knee-jerk, knuckle-dragging idiots living in Jacksonville.

I'm guessing it is an "all-over" problem.

Bridget said...

Vera - I enjoy the historical shows about monarchy, because I am a history nerd. But I don't really care what they all wear, or if they are getting married, etc. I'm a minority among everyone I know.

Dee - I joined NextDoor here, and it can be very helpful but is also quite illuminating ...

kathy b said...

oh Boy. Having worked in the NICU and regualr nursery for years and years and years I saw names no child deserved. I'm all for unique and original, but some of these names were wacky !!!

Araignee said...

I enjoyed your rant today. I get the husband thing. The Mister plans his day and then expects me to work my life around it. It's very frustrating.
My new favorite Twitter personality is Aunt Crabby. She's got some major ranting going on and I love her (he/it/them).

Wanderingcatstudio said...

*On Lenin
That poor kid is going to have to spend his life explaining to people that his parents just liked the spelling and were really clueless about world history….

*On the British Royal Family
Dave and I have had many discussions about this. Dave thinks we should keep the tradition (he is generally opposed to change in any form). And while (being a lover of history) I like the idea… they really are pointless – and an unnecessary drain on the countries resources.

*On dumb people asking about crutches…
Seriously? Next person who asks should receive a smack upside the head with your crutch.

* On A Series of Unfortunate Events.
We watched it – NPH is AWESOME!

*On The Tim and major projects.
Dave does stuff like that too. I think it’s a man thing. He also likes to come out and fix himself a snack while I’m in the middle of baking… then HE gets mad that I’m in HIS way!

sprite said...

I don't think The Honeymooners promotes violence against women, but I do think the language Ralph uses might be viewed by a *modern audience* as normalizing threats against women (even if, in that case, I don't think there's evidence it was anything more than hot air). But I think that's because what's socially acceptable to say has changed over time. If Jay threatened to smack Gloria in Modern Family or Dre used metaphors like that with Bow in black-ish every week, we wouldn't think it was funny. Times change and so do social mores.

My mom and I cannot have a conversation about The Graduate, for instance, because she sees it as a romance and I see it as a stalker film. And Rudi and I routinely fast forward through the blackface scene in Holiday Inn that I'm sure didn't cause contemporary audiences to give it a second thought. Different generation/different perspectives on socially acceptable behavior.

And I'm not saying at all that you shouldn't like The Honeymooners or that anyone should judge you for liking it. I just think there's room for recognizing interpretations can be shaped by time and personal experience.

Tired Teacher said...

Great post. The commercial would Become annoying quickly. People really ask that about the crutches? If they'd ask me that, they'd learn to duck within a matter of seconds.

karen said...

I remember the honeymooners and yes in this day and age it doesn't have a receptive audience. Lenin is a very strange name indeed. whatever, right? My husband hates the focus on the royal family!!

Kym said...

You made me smile this morning, Bridget. Rant away! I was never a fan of The Honeymooners (as a kid, I thought they all yelled too much and that Ralph was mean). Lenin? Really????? And I think I need to watch Unfortunate Events.

AsKatKnits said...

Lenin? Wow, the first thing that comes to mind is this - do they know who that was? And, if they do - what the heck! And, A Series of Unfortunate Events is AWESOME! We also love it!

Thanks for the chuckle today! :)

Lorraine said...

Bridget- I personally couldn't care less about what Kate wears to open a factory. The little girl Charlotte is lovely, but I think George can be a potential brat.

Again, really don't care.

Nance said...

RE: Lenin--Holy crap. I believe it, and that just makes it Sadder. You know, one of the Scandinavian countries actually has veto power over what its citizens can name their children. I don't think we should ever, ever resort to that, but yikes. This poor kid.

RE: Royal Watchers--I don't get too exercised about this. I do, however, highly resent the Kar**ians. Obv, so much so that I won't even type out their names and add to their ridiculous celebrity, which is derived from...what, now?

RE: Honeymooners show--Obv, times have changed, as another commenter above pointed out. I'm far more disdainful of shows like The Bachelor/The Bachelorette which exist NOW and are offensive and awful.

RE: Crutch Comments--I am thunderstruck by your experience! Who says things like that? Of course, I'm ready to lay blame for such crudeness and insensitivity squarely at the feet of...well, you know who...the Offender In Chief. He has made all rudeness and coarseness perfectly acceptable.

Gee. Maybe it's time for me to have a Rant over at my blog!

Lydia said...

A child named Lenin and Crutches-well, I'm reminded when I watch Judge Judy that ignorance is alive and well. As to the Brits, my mother was a young woman in, born and bred in London when Elizabeth was crowned. I think to understand the British-you have to be British. While some Brits think the monarchy is out dated and redundant, the monarchy represents much more than just a person. I think this concept is well demonstrated in The Crown. I still have loads of family in the UK, and they have varying views on the monarchy depending on their age. I do agree that their every move it a bit boring. We should remember that our country/cities were not flatten and invaded by others who wanted to take over-there are many who remember those days and lived through them, and the people looked to the monarchy as a source of strength during those dark days.
As to the hubby-what do you do-I got nothing.