18 October 2019

Small. Quick. Cheery. Gift. FO = A Winner!

So, it IS Friday, but a long one for me.  Nonetheless, when I leave here tonight, I won't have to return until next week, and that's keeping me going.  Plus, I'm looking forward to my Going to Rhinebeck By Staying Home weekend.

But today you get my latest finished project.  This was a fast one, and very easy, but enjoyable nonetheless, and it ticks off one of the things on my gift list for Christmas.

Project:  Oden's Christmas Socks
Pattern:  Rye, by Tin Can Knits, Toddler size
Needles:  US 3 and US 5
Yarn:  Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted, colorway 1386 (Christmas Red), and 1004 (Peppermint)
Modifications:  Only making the cuffs and toes in a different color than the rest of the sock.
Notes:  This was a fun and quick knit for my great-nephew Oden - a small project, thicker yarn than sock yarn, happy and cheery colors, and a gift.  They may be a bit big for him, but better bigger than too small.  I have no illusions that these will be his favorite gift, but I do think they will keep his feet warm.  

I started and finished these in the period of eight days, and it only took me that long because for five of those days, I didn't get a chance to knit at all!  Seriously, you could finish both socks in a day if you just spent the time knitting.  This is also a really nice pattern, well-written and easily understandable, with lots of good illustrations where needed.  On top of which, it's free, so why aren't you using it to make many pairs of socks???  I know that once my gift knitting is complete, I'm making a pair for myself.  :-)

I hope everyone has a good weekend - see you next week!


Dee said...


Yep. I need to make a pair of Rye (light) socks.

Kym said...

Such adorable socks!
Enjoy your Rhinebeck weekend at home!

AsKatKnits said...

Those socks are just so cheery! Have a great weekend!

Araignee said...

Aren't they cute!! I love knitting little socks but my Grands won't wear them. They won't wear any socks at all unless there is a foot of snow on the ground. Sigh.....

Shirley said...

Those socks are just adorable. Love the red heels and toes.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Fabulous festive socks!

KSD said...

So cute! What color will yours be?

The new cover photo is terrific, by the way.

Mereknits said...

Super cute!

karen said...

beautiful! I do love a contrasting cuff and toe!!

Nance said...

I love these! I'm always charmed by little kids in chipper socks.