16 November 2019

Of *Course* It Worked Out This Way

Happy Saturday!  I hope you are enjoying yours.  It's cold but sunny here, and I went out again early to do some running around, so right now I'm sitting here working on a pair of socks, watching the Navy-Notre Dame football game.

So ... remember this?

My Pabaigh sweater, SO close to being finished!  I really wanted to finish this to wear in the fall, but because I was making the body longer than the pattern called for, I ran out of enough yarn in the kit I had purchased a while back to finish the sleeves and the funnel neck.  And though I was trying to use up my stash and not purchase more yarn it once again meant that I would have to do that.  Fortunately, it's not too expensive, even with overseas shipping.  So I ordered two more balls of yarn at the end of  September.  I got a notice that it was shipped on October 1st.  

Oh, well, no big deal - I received a notice that it should take 10-14 days to arrive.  So I started other projects, and waited.  Finished a couple of projects and waited.  Finally decided I'd waited plenty long enough for it to arrive from Scotland to Philadelphia, so this past Wednesday, I contacted them and re-ordered 2 more balls, this time paying for tracking.  

We got the mail today, and as you have likely already guessed, this arrived:

with the shipping label dated October 1, 2019 ...  

This is only slightly more annoying than having to buy a whole other ball of yarn to finish the scrappy socks project.  I got notice this a.m. that the second package shipped today, so it's too late to contact them and cancel the order.  


Oh well, at least now I can finish Pabaig before the end of the year, and though fall will be over, it comes every year, and I can wear it as a layer anyway.  I'll use the extra yarn for a hat or something, it won't go to waste, but it just figures that it would work out this way, right?


Araignee said...

Oh, no....I'm still waiting for a giant bag of kitty chow from Amazon that was shipped to New Jersey by mistake in early October. I just know as soon as I go out and buy another one it will show up.

Shirley said...

What you have completed on your sweater is just beautiful! It never seems to fail that if you replace something you could not find, it magically appears after a replacement has been purchased. Who would have thought it could possibly take that long to get a yarn shipment from Scotland.

Jill said...

Found a jumper that needed about six inches of one sleeve to finish said jumper. Couldn't find pattern, not experienced enough to finish without. Bet you know what happened next, unpicked the jumper and two days later found said pattern in the place I had looked!!!!!

Lorette said...

Well that just figures. It is pretty yarn though! And you won’t run out before you finish the sweater!

Mereknits said...

Maybe you can make a hat or scarf with the extra yarn, you would really be styling then!

karen said...

that is so odd that the package took that long. I love the places that ship in one to two days WITH a tracking number, it's decadent!