23 November 2019

So Far Today

So far today, I have:

Gone for an early-morning walk with Hamlet;

Enjoyed cuddling with Pip for nearly two hours while he sat on my lap;

Taken The Tim out for breakfast as his birthday week starts winding down;

Finished putting together a package and walked to the post office to put it in the mail;

Also bought some Christmas stamps while I was at the post office;

Gave the first floor a good clean;

Moved a lot of stuff on the third floor out of the way so The Tim can take the a/c unit out of the window;

Walked over to CVS to pick up an Rx that was waiting;

Knit about 3 inches on my Pabaig sweater (it felt so weird, since it's been so long since I picked it up!)

Sat down to start watching the Boston College-Notre Dame football game; 

Wrote this blog post.

And now I have decided that I get to just enjoy the rest of the afternoon and all of the evening however I would like to!  I feel more knitting and a manicure in my immediate future ... ;-)

I hope your Saturday has been a good one as well.


Araignee said...

Goodness....I got tired just reading all the things you did!
Happy Saturday!

Dee said...

So far I ...

Went to the farmer's market with Vera

Went to the coffee shop and had a knit/gab with Vera

Knit a bit at home and watched Notre Dame football.

Later tonight -------------TEMPLE football

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I probably wasn't even out of bed by the time you accomplished all that!

Shirley said...

What a lot you have accomplished! Sounds like a good mix of things needing to be done and things enjoyable. Hope the remainder of your weekend is just as enjoyable.