10 December 2019

Christmastime Random

Hello all!  I hope you had a good weekend.  Mine was OK, but not as good as I was hoping, since I am apparently really coming down with a cold, as evidenced by waking up on Saturday with a really sore throat and coughing.  (Spoiler alert: I didn't die.)  Still, I got some things accomplished and with enough cough syrup and cold meds, I'm doing fine.

So here goes.

I have a Starbucks card with some money left on it, so I stopped on my way to work this a.m. becuase I decided to have a Cranberry Bliss Bar (for medicinal purposes, of course!).  There were a few people in front of me in line, and one person kindly decided to pay for another's coffee.  It was a nice thing, and I'm glad I saw it.  Of course, the woman in front of me had to say in a really loud voice: "If you want to buy someone coffee during the holidays, you should go somewhere else.  Anyone who can afford Starbucks coffee doesn't need financial help.  Then she turned to me, really proudly and said, "Can you believe some people?" and I just smiled and said, "Merry Christmas!"  Walking the rest of the way to work, I wished I'd said, "Tell Mr. Scrooge I said hello when you get where you are going."  But the best comebacks always come to me way too late.

All gifts being sent to family are now on their way.  I managed to finish wrapping stuff and getting the box ready so The Tim could mail it yesterday.  Now the only things left are for us, and to finish decorating, baking, etc.  The Tim's day off is tomorrow, so he is going to choose a tree, and I can't wait!

You may recall that I said a co-worker and I were planning to decorate our desks this past Friday.  We had so much fun doing it, and our workspaces look very festive.  In the afternoon, one of the scientists stopped in.  He stood on our side of the office and said, "Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!" then stepped to the other side of the office and said, "Get off my lawn!"  It was really funny.

Many of you already know this, but every year I am reminded of how much cats and dogs enjoy gift wrapping.  For cats, it's the boxes, the paper, the ribbons, and for dogs (at least for Dug and now Hamlet), it was that you are in one place and if like me, you sit on the floor to wrap gifts, a dog can fit right in front of you, or possibly ON you - what could be better?  In our house at least, it's not worth doing it unless you have a lot of time to deal with, shall we say, the "extras" ...

This Christmas commercial from Poland is lovely.

Enjoy your day!


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Don't you just love bright stars like that lady in front of you. I bet she wouldn't have said a word if someone had paid for HER coffee.

I've got a small bit of wrapping, decorating left to do. I won't bake until much closer to Christmas.

Hope you're feeling better!

KSD said...

Oh, the tears in that darling man's eyes.

Araignee said...

That commercial had me bawling like a baby. How sweet is that?

AsKatKnits said...

I am definitely not crying... much!

I think the Grinchy Starbucks woman should have to watch that commercial not stop between now and Christmas!

Nance said...

Why on earth would anyone criticize a kindness? Some people are just deeply unhappy, I guess. It's sad.

karen said...

people amaze me. My husband and I were in line to eat at Panera and I heard a screaming infant. I said to him 'I do not want to sit near the baby'. The lady behind me (EASE DROPPING) says, 'oh that's my grand baby he is just hungry and will stop crying'. You guessed it he cried the whole time I was there sitting far away....

I would never make a comment to someone having a private conversation.