16 April 2021

Friday Poem

This has been a tough week in the U.S.  A tiring week.  A frustrating week.  I was reading an article in a magazine last weekend, and this poem was included.  I thought I'd share it today, and maybe it would give us all a little bit of something to lift our souls.

-- by Suzannah Evans

We are on the phone when I see them
the first of the year, little miracles
above the stained bricks and scratchy trees
of my neighbourhood. Not screeching yet
but wheeling, the light priming the edges
of their knifeblade wings. We might look
fragile to them, so reliant as we are
on our houses and our things, so tied
by gravity to one hemisphere. You saw yours
today too and you are not so far away
but a distance I'm not allowed to travel.
A blessing for those of us who notice things.
I'll see you soon you say. I'll see you soon.

Take care, everyone.  Be kind when you can, and have a good weekend.


Dee said...

Wishing you a good weekend!

It has been a very, very difficult week. :-(

KSD said...

Thank you.

Araignee said...

" but a distance I'm not allowed to travel...." This brought me to tears.

kathy b said...

It has been awful. Your poem is poignant

Nance said...

I love this. It does make distance seem not so far when two people can see the same things. And noticing how Nature moves on in the same ways makes us feel like the world is still okay after all.

Mereknits said...

Thank you for posting this, just what my somewhat bruised soul needed this week.