24 June 2021

Do You Dream Knit Ahead in Your Brain?

I'm guessing all of us have some "dream knitting" - either things we would love to make, things we are pretty sure are beyond our current skills, things that for whatever reason MUST be made with the suggested yarn, which will likely never be possible given our own budgets.  

But that is different than what I am talking about here.  I've noticed over the last year - maybe because I have had more time to be leisurely with my knitting during the pandemic - that I have a tendency to "Dream Knit" while I'm working on current projects. 

First, disclaimers: any links to patterns are to Ravelry pages, so if you have problems with Ravelry, you may wish to see if you can track them down somewhere else.  If I were a good person, I would do that for you.  Right now, today, that isn't happening, sorry.  Also, any images are ones used on the Ravelry pages, so they belong to the designers/knitters involved. 

OK, moving right along, right now - not surprisingly - I am at work on a second sock to a pair I'm making.  I'm enjoying the project and even have the stitch pattern in my brain, but while working on it, I have been thinking about knitting these next:

Spoiler alert: I will probably not make these next, because a) I'm working on a patterned sock now, and will likely want a change, and b) the yarn I'm currently using is a tonal, so I'll probably want to use self-striping  yarn next. 

And when I  have been working on my summer top, I've been thinking about how I would like to try and make this sweater for colder weather:

Spoiler alert, part 2:  This will likely not happen anytime soon, either.  I do have some worsted weight single skeins that I could ostensibly use for the colorwork, but it is unlikely that anytime soon I will have the funding to buy a sweater's worth of worsted weight yarn for the rest of it.  Also, I have never made a cardigan, so it's probably best to knit a "plain" one first ...

Something that I have been thinking of making for a LONG time, and could make any time I wanted because it's something small, and you can use whatever yarn(s) you have is this one:

You know what?  This might be the one I actually make - it would be quick and unless I really messed up, I'd likely be unreasonably pleased with myself.  So maybe even if this isn't quite a "Dream Knit" it is something that could be fun to make.

I'm thinking I can't be the only person who Dream Knits ahead in my brain ... right???


Araignee said...

Yes! I do it all the time and I am trying to stop it so I can just enjoy the knit I'm working on but it's not working. Festive Doodle is a good example. The whole time I am knitting on it I am planning the next one in wild colors and I know full well I will never knit it but it doesn't stop me.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I do this ALL.THE.TIME.

kathy b said...

You are right! I love lil blue bird . I finally finished my teddy bears face...I should post it

Kym said...

I do a LOT of dream-knitting! Usually it begins when I'm at about the half-way point of whatever project I'm reality-knitting. Things just scream at me then . . . (Those are lovely dream-knits, by the way.) XO

Nance said...

Constantly. I have a bursting Project File in my head.

Marsha said...

Do things you’ve started and then realized your skill level wasn’t quite there yet count? If so, a million times yes! I did knit a dream sweater this winter, and I finished it just in time...for hot weather! Love your posts always!